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  1. All hail United. About to kick off against NYRB
  2. For Atlanta United, it was this from Josef in the MLS Cup Final. The last season of him and Miggy, and what a special squad that was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRWVXavaYPQ
  3. Luis Saurez for me. Were down 1-0 to Osasuna and on the verge of losing our grip on the top of the table. We ended up tying it up, and the Luis did this. The following week we were to play Valladolid, who were in a relegation battle, and once again we went down 1 goal early, and won 2-1. But this goal, this right here, is when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel in this strange and crazy year.
  4. Yeah - Billy Graham (in case you didn't know), was a massive Christian figurehead, so this idea has really been ingrained in a lot of Christian churches throughout the country, but since here in the Southeast appears to be the only place in the world with a growing population of Christians, it's just becoming more and more ingrained in how married couples should act with people from the opposite sex.
  5. I know of this, but didn't know it was named after Billy Graham. It's actually become quite a popular thing here in the Southern US, where men are asked not to hang out, alone, with females and vise versa (assuming at least one of them are married). Granted this is different if you are talking about two people who are related, but yeah, this is fairly common but NOT something I agree with. I'm not my wife's mother and nor is she mine, so I'm going going to dictate who she can, and cannot hang out with.
  6. Pole Position - Which driver will set the fastest time in Q3? Max Podium - Predict the top three finishers in Sunday's race. Max - Sainz - Leclerc Random Driver - Predict the finishing position of this week's randomly chosen driver, Esteban Ocon. 13th Bonus Question - Which teams will have their cars knocked out in Q2? (Choose two teams and you will receive a point for each car from either of these teams that is eliminated in Q2 - a full house will score you a bonus point, so five overall). Alpine & McLaren
  7. There have been rumors of Simeone possibility stepping away after this year, and it worries the hell out of me. Yeah, I get it that he's hard pressed and doesn't play the sexiest tactics, but Atleti without Simeone is a world I'm not quite ready for.
  8. I think some coaches just don't mesh well with players, especially if the coach has an ego, which Simeone does.
  9. How's Felix doing? Sounds like from Atleti's camp, that there are some talks about making the move permanent for a lot of money.
  10. Just an FYI - that I changed an answer.
  11. On another note, my older sister moved with her husband to Monterrey, and she said she can see the stadium from her house so I desperately want to go down and get a look.
  12. Man if only. Granted I live in a large city, and so very few people live so close to the Atlanta stadium, I would absolutely love to be so close to the stadium that I could walk. I'm about 1.9 miles away from the high school, so I can walk there and watch awful football (both American and European)
  13. Yeah - I liked them since playing Fifa in college. Loved/love Torres, and I saw them in Orlando a few years ago when they played the MLS Stars. I have a team I keep up with and watch in every major league in Europe. Inter (Italy), Portsmouth (England), and Augsburg (Germany). Only three of those I have actually been there for a game (all but Augsburg), and I enjoy Spain more than Italy. I watch just a few Inter matches and more Augsburg matches.
  14. Atlanta United - 42 miles (67,6km) Atletico Madrid - 4,312 miles. (6939.5km)
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