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  1. Liverpool fans are quiet. Even when Tierney does something for them...
  2. Bollocks. All that hard work and they concede late on again.
  3. Equaliser! Lovely finish from Morris. What a deliver from Doughty.
  4. Luton get a goal back! Chong deserves that, been a good game from him. Bit of a scrap but they'll take it.
  5. Luton coming back into this. Missing that final bit of quality.
  6. They've had a lot of difficult fixtures recently though. And still competed and scored. Maybe they get up for the bigger games as they had no right losing against Sheff Utd, but I wouldn't write them off just yet. Just seen their fixtures, having to go away to Spurs, Arsenal and Man City probably doesn't help
  7. Fucked it. Genuinely worried we're gonna screw up the autos, let alone 1st. Can't be losing 3 in a row at this stage. Too bad losing 2 in a row, let alone 2 of them at home and one of them being at a relegation candidate. Just not good enough we're not seeing these games out.
  8. Leeds will win with a deflected shot, won't they?
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