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  1. There are so many variables! Do you prefer a slaloming run? A cunt stomping net thrasher? A meh goal with a great assist. An important goal that was cool, or a 10/10 goal in a nothing game? ect ect. Very interesting question. It's close between an unbelievable (but lucky) header from Mohwald, but I'll give it to franco di santos chip.
  2. It's so safe and optimistic. It's like someone took all the 'white people at work' shows (like Scrubs, the office and so on) stole the foundation but sanded off every edge and splinter. It reminds me of those kids books for 3 year olds where the spooky monster turns out to be made of chocolate ice cream, and just wanted to be everyones friend and share pizza or whatever bullshit. That's what I mean when I say 'sickeningly'. It's horridly insincere in its message and optimism, because it knows it's such BS. But thats the point I labored earlier so we're not treading new ground. I don't hate scrubs. I wouldn't watch it by choice, and it too was too cheesy for my taste. But at least sometimes things went wrong and never got better. No silver linings or miracles, just hard lessons. I was asking a question about the why. I don't think I've ever attacked anyone for liking it, just the show itself and I've voiced my opinions.
  3. 1. Not really no they haven't. They play woeful XIs until the quarters or semis. 2. And yeah, because the comp sucks and it's an afterthought.
  4. You're welcome to it. It's right up there with the Audi cup and the samoan u21 pub footy trophy.
  5. As opposed to being mostly pace and good ball control. I have changed my opinions more times than I care to remember, it's part of growing as a person and as a fan.
  6. This is @Beelzebub defending his homeland against the Indian invaders. 2024 colorized.
  7. Fuck you replied to that quickly. I honestly am not trying to be edgy, nor do I think it's an edgy take I'm not out here trashing everything that's not some try hard edgy comedy or torture porn horror movie. If you were watching basic white people bullshit I'd be silent as the grave. The office, parks and rec, community, whatever. But this show is honestly kind of sickening in how child like and insincere it is. It's so far dethatched from anything resembling reality that I truly can't comprehend how anyone over the age of 12 takes it in. Like I said, my theory is that it must take you back in some way to a time before you grew up.
  8. It took me 3 seconds to be too revolted to continue watching. The less said about the promo video the better too. I honestly don't understand how grown adults can watch this. It's like a dialysis machine for millennials. Taking them back to the cheese of their childhood while they sleep walk their way into the grave.
  9. Because you're a new member who hasn't crossed me I'll be nice instead of playing this one up. We have an inside joke that's gotta be a decade old at this point. Posting a topic titled 'can xxxx go unbeaten for the rest of the season' used to be the dripping shits in terms of content, but always seemed to curse the team to lose one of its next games. So we started posting the topic ironically. If a race for the title or top 4 was close, someone would post it and pray it cursed them. That's what we're referencing.
  10. Mate a fucking house in Australia costs millions. And for the last fucking time ROCKETS AREN'T MISSILES. You make it sound like Pakistan just gave Ukraine the means to glass the fucking earth when in fact they gave them some 1960s 12 cm firecrackers.
  11. Can't talk, Papua New Guinea just sent 6 AKs and a can of beans to Ukraine, I might be conscripted soon.
  12. The cup should be scrapped anyway, ESPECIALLY now that ManU are the holders.
  13. You're not worth mine either, as you refused to cover the most glaring point I made. That you're on your knees begging russia for oil and are about the closest thing to an ally they have right now. And yes, it's a financial war of attrition. (Remember the bit about india having double the population and 9x the GDP oh wait) And the supplies Nato and the US are giving the Ukraine are what's currently the decisive stratagem. Not fucking Pakistan . But whatever go do some burpies if you think you'll be conscripted bro. But if you aren't conscripted by the end of next year you owe the forum a full months donations.
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