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  1. Getting high AF and listening to music with one going is lovely.
  2. When Harry Kane was a child he made a deal with the devil to become one of the top 3 strikers of his generation. It cost him 200 braincells, the ability to speak English, and the condition he can never win a significant trophy.
  3. Are you in shape, have you been conscripted, and have india crossed the border with a trillion dothraki screamers?
  4. Misbah-Ul-Haq did not average like 60 as captain and lead Pakistan to test number 1 ranking following the spot betting scandal to not be on this list you POS.
  5. Hilariously, I'm in my final year of a business analytics and finance major, and Dr gonzo is an actuary. We have forgotten more about databasing than you will ever know. But this really isn't a question of databasing. Liverpool will have a shortlist, on that list will be 1 or 2 managers that they desperately want, and 2 or 3 that they will fall back on if their first pick can't be made available. It's not some list of 30 managers that they're going to watch footage of, compare performances and interview. They know who they want.
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