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  1. Really hard to turn that around for Liverpool. I wouldn't bet against them turning around that margin at Anfield but it's a really tall order away. If anything, Atalanta could have had more. This is why it always makes me laugh when Luton or Bournemouth get patted on the head for being "brave" at Liverpool or Man City when they've turned up with no defensive structure and just run around a lot and nicked a goal. Liverpool were horrid tonight but it's a master class from Atalanta in how to stifle a team like this whilst carrying a consistent threat at the other end. West Ham were doing well against Leverkusen. 1-0 to take back to London would have been decent for them but a late second goal for Leverkusen makes it a lot harder for them. I think Leverkusen end the night as clear favourites for the competition now.
  2. We started early this season! Alonso has just signed a multi year extension with Aston Martin so that's one fewer moving part. AMuS were saying that Verstappen and Mercedes have been talking but it doesn't sound likely due to Mercedes' poor performance. Ferrari and Aston Martin are both trying to prise Adrian Newey from Red Bull and his departure could make Verstappen's departure more likely. Audi are waiting for a decision by Sainz on their offer. Perez is an alternative for them if he becomes available. Gasly and Ocon are both open to leaving Alpine so they could be in play as well!
  3. The stalemate continues. The Premier League have responded to the fan advisory board to basically say it isn't in their remit to "reject" 777 and force the owner to look for an alternative buyer, leaving us in limbo as long as 777 claim to be pursuing this. Moshiri won't talk to other buyers who are ready and willing to come and 'save' the club because they're not willing to buy his equity at the price 777 are willing to pay. All the while, the fans have no power to do anything but watch and wait. As far as I can see, there is no mechanism to stop this going on forever. Either 777 have to provide proof they can buy and fund the club which they haven't managed to do in 8 months, or Moshiri has to agree to sell to somebody else. That somebody else will either have to match 777's price (not going to happen) or Moshiri is going to have to cut his losses and agree to sell his shares to an alternative buyer for less money. The longer he keeps faith with 777, the more Everton gets saddled with further debt and the less appealing ownership of the club becomes, meaning he's likely to have even lower bids for his shares. Now we wait for Moshiri to come to the decision to cut his losses. I can't see how 777 are going to pass this fit and proper ownership test if they're asking for another extension now, so I think it's on Moshiri to end this. Sadly, Moshiri has shown time and time again that he doesn't tend to make either the most prudent decision in general or the decision in the best interests of the football club. It makes you wonder whether this fit and proper owners test should have an expiry date of say 3 months or the PL/EFL should have the means to conclusively reject an application, because this stalemate doesn't help anyone and all the parties worst affected (fans, staff, players) have no power to influence proceedings.
  4. Works for me. Follows more the principles of what you'd call "good betting" where you obviously don't put the same stake on bets with different odds.
  5. Nah, Forest have an appeal open which means, if anything, they could get points back.
  6. I'd call it arguably reckless from Casemiro and I think if he was sent off for it it wouldn't be overturned. The Curtis Jones was one was a slam dunk though. He ended up making contact halfway up the player's shin. Regardless of how unlucky he was that his foot rolled over the ball, that's a risk he took when he went studs first into the challenge and made contact with the top half of the ball. Say what you want about the Casemiro one but it's debatable and the Curtis Jones one simply wasn't at the time or now.
  7. It's very different because Curtis Jones went in high enough on the Spurs player that his foot rolled over the ball and into the middle of his shin. It was unlucky and not deliberate but this challenge isn't on the same level.
  8. Racked up 35 points from 31 games. Had 8 taken off us. I think our treatment overall has been pretty scandalous but we would have been dead and buried either of the previous 2 years. Trying to look at the positives. Two points ahead of Forest and Luton with a much better goal difference than Luton and home games against Forest, Brentford and Sheffield Utd as well as Luton away remaining. We shouldn't get relegated from here but if we do then it's because of PSR. By the way, our two breaches combined still add up to less than Forest's breach and that's counting 2021 and 2022's accounts twice. We've lost 8 points and they've lost 4. Talk about fit for purpose, eh? Not to mention the fact their breach was for actually spending on players and ours is mostly interest on stadium loans but old ground, old ground.
  9. There are four different combinations of Sainz, Leclerc and Perez finishing on the podium out of the six different ways you can organise them but nobody quite nailed the PER-SAI-LEC order. Results will be in a bit late for this one as I get home on Thursday.
  10. Saw a good point that Everton should be appealing to have any points deduction suspended until next season given that no other club will ever be given penalties for two different time periods in the same season and that being inflicted upon Everton would come purely as a consequence of the Premier League's administrative processes. I assume we'll appeal any points deduction given today which means that teams in the relegation fight have to wait on the results of both ours and Forest's appeals during the last 6 games of the season. I know I've been going on about it all season but it's ridiculous and it destroys the sporting integrity of the league so it needs to continue being called out. However, we're probably better off getting hit with 2 points now and taking our chances than starting on -2 next season with Leicester and Leeds to contend with instead of the shambles the Championship has had to offer this season and after our squad has been asset stripped just to keep the club afloat yet again.
  11. Everton second charge drops tomorrow by the sounds of it. I assume some people have inside knowledge as our relegation odds dropped from 7/1 to 5/1 in the last 24 hours despite Forest losing today. Points to a 1-2 point deduction to me. Hopefully nothing worse than that and hopefully we appeal.
  12. Genuine question - does anyone, be they United, Liverpool or neutral fans, actually enjoy it when they put Neville and Carragher on commentary for this fixture? Neither of them are remotely capable of staying impartial although Neville at least remembers to take a step away from the microphone when they score, you can still hear it. It just comes off as really unprofessional to be honest. Sacrificing insight so that they can post "reaction videos" of them both in the commentary box. I assume this is a symptom of having hundreds of millions of Liverpool and United fans ("fans") across the world watching the game but just wondering whether there's any reason to actually like it. Having them in the studio for me is fine but I want my co-commentators to bring some insight. The fans in the stadium provide enough "reactions" to what's going on. You don't need biased pundits to do the same.
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