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  1. Neutrals wanting the outsider to win is very usual and has nothing to do with hatred for Man Utd, and Coventry were massive underdogs.
  2. Game 125: 51st min Game 126. 7th min, please
  3. Matchday winner Bluewolf with three perfect scores. Prediction of the matchday is Viva's correct Union 1-5 Bayern prediction, though. Matchday 30 1) Bluewolf 13 points 2) 6666 8 points 3) Michael 6 points 3) Stan 6 points 3) Viva la FCB 6 points 6) Tommy 3 points 7) CaaC(John) 2 points 7) Coma 2 points 9) Rucksackfranzose 1 point Now we've got two people leading the table again. Nothing lost for their hunters yet, since the table is pretty tight on the first 6 spots. Table after 30 matchdays 1) @Stan 212 points 1) @Tommy 212 points 3) @6666 209 points 3) @Bluewolf 209 points 5) @Viva la FCB 208 points 6) @Michael 205 points 7) @Coma 184 points 8- Rucksackfranzose 165 points 9) @CaaC (John) 157 points 10) @nawoo 149 points
  4. This has been a bang average matchday for us. Matchday 30 1) Michael 9 points 2) Bluewolf 7 points 2) CaaC(John) 7 points 4) Coma 6 points 5) Rucksackfranzose 5 points 5) Stan 5 points 5) Viva la FCB 5 points 8- Tommy 4 points Michael doubled his lead. Table after 30 matchdays 1) @Michael 189 points 2) @Viva la FCB 182 points 3) @Bluewolf 181 points 4) @Coma 178 points 5) @CaaC (John) 177 points 6) @Stan 176 points 6) @Tommy 176 points 8- Rucksackfranzose 152 points 9) @londonerlilie 127 points 9) @nawoo 127 points
  5. Matches played from 26th to 28th of Ap: Hertha BSC - Hannover St Pauli - Rostock Paderborn - Elversberg Kiel - Lautern Braunschweig - Hamburg Schalke - Düsseldorf Magdeburg - Osnabrück Nürnberg - Karlsruhe Wehen - Fürth
  6. Matches played from 26th to 28th of Ap: Bochum - Hoffenheim Bayern - Frankfurt Leipzig - Dortmund Freiburg - Wolfsburg Augsburg - Bremen Leverkusen - Stuttgart Gladbach - Union Mainz - Köln Darmstadt - Heidenheim
  7. As long as you have debts of over 0 cents you're living off money belonging to others, that's the cold truth.
  8. Please stick to the truth, you wanted to say the UAE got over 500M since the only thing Man City got are about 170M Pounds debts and issues with the FA/Premier League for over 100 FFP breaches.
  9. Good luck with getting Wirtz! He extended his contract, his agent and father said he wants to and should stay at Leverkusen for at least one more year; and the asking price is allegedly 150M Euros.
  10. Are you really going to try to teach a German what is banned in Germany as Nazi symbolism and what isn't? -In other words what you wrote here is absolute nonsense. You never came to the idea an opinion you hold without really knowing the background should perhaps being kept for yourself since it might have no connection to reality. May I guess you don't know, who "SA" were, indeed? Then you shouldn't have tried to teach me my country's history and legal situiation? Never to late to learn just google "Sturmabteilung".
  11. We all know the answer. FA won't carry on with a competition meant to be for the best teams without their best and, from FA's point of view much more important, most profitable teams. English, first and foremost, football teams made their bed with uninhibited commercialization- now lie in it.
  12. Now that a bit more than an hour is played I've to admit West Ham are not as bad as Ratingen. Am still quite confident Leverkusen advance here, though.,
  13. Hey! Since when would propaganda care about reality?
  14. Let's wait and see the match hasn't been played for half an hour yet. Will reserve my comment until at least double that time has been played.
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