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    Tsitsipas played with no fear against Federer in Dubai. The kid looks promising and sooner or later he will surpass Federer.
  2. This is the only thing I'm gonna remember from this match ^ the sooner we sell Icardi the better for us. I know he is a top class striker but nobody wants him in the club after what happened with Nara. Lautaro is a promising talent and I'm positive he can replace him with no problem. the problem is in the center. Vecino, Gagliardini and Borja Valero are all garbage. We need a player like Rakitic to accompany Brozovic. and also we need a decent side back. I can't believe we gave away Cancelo to Juventus. this is a huge mistake (not to mention we lost Kondogbia as well, he would be 10 times better than Vecino, Borja Valero and Gagliardini)
  3. another 3-0 loss for Palermo last night this downhill really makes me sad. They were 1st on the ranking table but with all these problems nobody knows where they will end up.
  4. it's obvious that Stalin killed a lot more people and that's why he won the the war. wait what thread am I posting in?
  5. It's a pity that Palermo always had awful owners who took advantage of the club. Imagine Palermo with a healthy ownership & administration with players like Dybala, Belotti, Cavani, Pastore etc...
  6. Rossoneri are completely out of their mind if they try bring Zlatan back. Zlatan should not be willing to return either... do I have to remind everyone how Ibra was manipulated during his last days in Milan? Galliani has been stating that Ibra is a god and we won't let god abandon us but at the same time he was dealing with Mino Raiola and PSG for the big move.
  7. hahahahah do you have any idea how many million of fans have been praying for this? Vince still receives emails every day about Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul is decent but it is not BB.
  8. Another last second goal for Milan last night, another dramatic victory for them in the last minute. once again with Romagnoli. He is nothing special compared to Insigne.
  9. Juventus might be the strongest team in Italy but Napoli is the most entertaining team to watch
  10. Mertens is on fire again! two sentational goals so far. Napoli leading 3-1.
  11. I can't believe it is still 0-1 for Roma.Napoli has missed over 9.000 chances to score.
  12. all betting sites favorite Juventus to win the CHL this year and I believe it's pretty logical. I bet they are gonna win everything this year like we did in 2010. Also, they would have 9/9 wins in Serie A so far if they weren't caught off guard against Genoa. (for those who didn't see Genoa's goal, all Juve's players paused because they thought the ball was out but then Genoa keep playing and scored)
  13. Dalmore

    Breaking Bad

    Better call Saul is nowhere near BB but at least we have something to watch ever since BB ended. for SoA fans there is Mayans MC airing atm. Will there ever be something new for the Dexter fans I wonder.
  14. what a FABULOUS goal was just scored by Falque!!! incredible long shot by the time he was falling on the ground!!! Top class. you must see this.
  15. Genoa's goal was a joke, Bianconeri were sleeping... first loss for Juventus. Ronaldo's goal wasn't enough.. Big derby tomorrow...
  16. Everybody's talking about GLASS and VENOM. both are exciting movies to watch but what I'm more excited to watch is...
  17. rotation again for Inter cause this year we also play in CHL (FINALLY) We didn't perform well (like always) but we got the 3 points. Politano proves to be the best transfer of the summer.
  18. did anyone else notice that Hamilton almost touched the wall as he was turning in for his first pit stop? great overtake btw. he owned Vettel I have to give him that.
  19. Milano's clubs have been worse and worse ever since Chinese businessman bought them.
  20. wtf Pastore can't score a normal goal with Roma. He only scores extraordinary ones. as for my team, we need a coach. Spaletti is a joke. This season he has all the players he asked and still we are struggling. I wish we could get Simeone or Mourinho back.
  21. Ranieri is a crazy old man who will ruin Roma for good if he joins them. I hope it is not true.
  22. FINALLY I experienced this. My life is complete now.
  23. fixed. amazing things from Perez once again. He's my favorite driver to watch <3
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