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    Tsitsipas played with no fear against Federer in Dubai. The kid looks promising and sooner or later he will surpass Federer.
  2. Everybody's talking about GLASS and VENOM. both are exciting movies to watch but what I'm more excited to watch is...
  3. did anyone else notice that Hamilton almost touched the wall as he was turning in for his first pit stop? great overtake btw. he owned Vettel I have to give him that.
  4. FINALLY I experienced this. My life is complete now.
  5. fixed. amazing things from Perez once again. He's my favorite driver to watch <3
  6. My grandpa's mule has a nicer hair than Hamilton.
  7. my nerves... this should be Kimi's victory! not Hamilton again!
  8. there tons of people who are die hard rossoneri and that doesn't change no matter how bad their club goes. the reason why you don't see anyone in this forum is because it's a British forum that 90% of the users are British and support clubs from Premier League. If this was an Italian forum then 30% of the users would be Milan supporters.
  9. Now serious rumors about Florenzi! If we buy him from Roma then D'ambrosio will finally stay on the bench. Roma. the greatest super market in the whole world
  10. who cares about Pastore anymore? he's just an old diva that chases the money and has left the talent behind. Anyone heard the rumors about Suso? If we get him from Milan I will be the happiest man in the world. With Suso we will finally be able to get rid of Candreva.
  11. decent bid? haha Inter has already rejected bids over 40 million for Skrini. as for Icardi, he is not going anywhere unless somebody pays 110 million euros.
  12. I heard rumors that Real Madrid is close in signing Icardi and Barcelona is gonna bid for Skriniar. well I hope both clubs go to hell. They ain't touching our two greatest players. These two are the only ones who should stay. all the rest are for sale but not these two.
  13. rewatching the last 3 episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Damn I will never grow up. my kid is more mature than me
  14. it's nowhere near the KoQ I have to tell you that. it's just the nostalgia for Doug's lines that made me start watching Kevin can Wait plus the fact that his brother Gary Valentine (who was Doug's cousin) and Leah Remini (Doug's wife) are also a part of this new sitcom.
  15. these skills correspond to Salah's current stats, only difference that Salah acceleration is probably 20. FOOLISH ROMA!!!!! no matter how many youngsters they sign, they will never find a guy like Salah again.
  16. ^ really nice cover but the original is unique and nothing can be compared to it back to my madness:
  17. nice movie. Loved the soundtrack. but I loved even more this one:
  18. I started watching Kevin Can Wait. It's not as good as the King of Queens obviously but it's still hilarious since Kevin James is starring. It gets even better when he reunites his ex TV wife Leah remini in season 2.
  19. Dalmore

    Metal and Rock

  20. that is a digimon called Mugendramon.
  21. 10 years ago that was my favorite anime to watch but as a live action movie it's just impossible to make it look as good as the animation.
  22. OK. Here it goes... last episode of Dragon Ball super.
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