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  1. Dalmore


    Tsitsipas played with no fear against Federer in Dubai. The kid looks promising and sooner or later he will surpass Federer.
  2. Dalmore

    Breaking Bad

    Better call Saul is nowhere near BB but at least we have something to watch ever since BB ended. for SoA fans there is Mayans MC airing atm. Will there ever be something new for the Dexter fans I wonder.
  3. Everybody's talking about GLASS and VENOM. both are exciting movies to watch but what I'm more excited to watch is...
  4. did anyone else notice that Hamilton almost touched the wall as he was turning in for his first pit stop? great overtake btw. he owned Vettel I have to give him that.
  5. FINALLY I experienced this. My life is complete now.
  6. fixed. amazing things from Perez once again. He's my favorite driver to watch <3
  7. Yaya Back to Olympiacos. Things get interesting in Greece these days.
  8. My grandpa's mule has a nicer hair than Hamilton.
  9. my nerves... this should be Kimi's victory! not Hamilton again!
  10. He is gonna have one more chance with his national team. That's for sure!
  11. Maybe nobody else follows the Greek championship in this forum but I think you guys should start watching some games of AEK Athens just for Livaja. He is something else! He is so good that I would gladly welcome him back in Inter! Today it's his birthday and I would like to wish him the best and also congratulate him for being the MVP once again.
  12. haha fucking love this guy. as a character he is my #1 favorite Italian player of all time.
  13. there tons of people who are die hard rossoneri and that doesn't change no matter how bad their club goes. the reason why you don't see anyone in this forum is because it's a British forum that 90% of the users are British and support clubs from Premier League. If this was an Italian forum then 30% of the users would be Milan supporters.
  14. Poor Cuadrado... nobody cares about you anymore lost his number, lost his spot in starting 11.
  15. Interesting transfer for the Italian calcio but too bad he is 33 and not 23 (like when Real signed him) he has not much time to leave his mark on Campionato. moreover Serie A is way more difficult league with stiff defensive lines which make it harder to score, dribble etc
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