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  1. Jesus fucking wept. I am so tired of people like this. You can -almost- excuse racial ignorance from the uneducated white British underclass who don't associate with anyone outside of their white British circles, but this bigot is supposed to be EDUCATING FUTURE GENERATIONS. There is so much poison in UK society, and with lunacy like this, how is it ever going to change? The more we're subjected to this, the more I keep thinking we're living in a parallel universe within the mind of Chris Morris. Satire is dead.
  2. Pig on the Wing

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    If ever there's a picture that deserves to be upside down, it's one of Sam Allardyce telling someone to think.
  3. Up and down, Ben Nevis was about 6 hours, Scafell (in the dark) around 4 1/2, and Snowdon about 5. With a lot of travelling in between, on a cramped minibus.
  4. I'm a chubby fucker but I'm more stubborn than gonorrhoea in a Wigan girl. My feeble lungs/heart/body gave up after the first one but I figured I was only ever going to do this once, so may as well have a go at finishing it. My advice: don't ever get conned into trying it. Hell. Hell on earth.
  5. I still had a 2.5 hour descent before the challenge was over, so I wasn't even thinking of that haha!!
  6. I did the Three Peaks challenge with work over the weekend - hardest thing I've ever done. For your enjoyment, here's a picture of me acting all Danny fackin' Dyer on top of Snowdon as I found out that we'd beaten Derby.
  7. Just watched Toronto Wolfpack play Toulouse on my jollies. Great fun! Positives: Full to the brim with pretty Canadian girls who have a thing about big men hitting each other, and then realising me and my mate are gigantic (I totally lied and said I play this sport at home to a chorus of oohs and aahs ). Negatives: I was probably in the top 5 percent most knowledgeable on RL in the stadium. The poor sods haven't got a clue!!
  8. Responses like this are why he was a truly brilliant target man. Absolutely rattled the big boys for a solid decade at Bolton, as he was a magnet for high balls, worked like a horse to battle with the best centre backs in the country (I will say, he was fouled just as often as he dished them out), and could hold it up better than pretty much anyone in the league at the time. Plus, he'd level that Scottish pansy you had up top for so long
  9. I'd like to think that you're being clever and satirical in your blatant disregard for irony, but sadly, based on your previous political posts on this forum, I can't see that being the case. Love, a Brit residing in the UK x x
  10. Definitely Josh, I hear parenthood makes you lose all your hair. Congrats!!
  11. Did not have you down as a League supporter, let alone a St. Helens fan... what's your story? To draw a Venn diagram with all Leyton Orient fans and all Rugby League fans, I'm sure you're one of tiny minority... I'm genuinely interested.
  12. Oh but that's the best thing about it! Now I don't have a season ticket because I'm a shit fan and only go to a handful of games a year, I find local commercial radio coverage a guilty pleasure. The not knowing what the fuck is going on, the hyperbolic metaphors, the breaks in signal when someone walks past my front door - it's marvellous bliss. And the misery from Tower FM's commentary team is something to behold - Lord knows they try to be positive, but when you're having to freeze your tits off watching dire shite for a pittance, it's difficult. I love it, because I am truly a glutton for punishment. Local radio and muted Final Score beats the wank atmosphere at 80 percent of home games in any case.
  13. Insanity that this is even being murmured. Monk has taken them the closest they've been to success in a decade - why rock the boat after tailing off for a few games? Although, it's Cellino, who is genuinely apeshit. He'll be sacked next week.
  14. Gutted for Klitschko, really thought he had Joshua in the 6th. What a wonderful comeback from Joshua though, truly remarkable. Inevitably that's Klitschko's retirement now, but what a competitor to hand over too. Fuck Fury, he's a genuine scrotum and hopefully, when the time comes, Joshua will truly sit the mouthy fucker down.
  15. You must be mistaken - I don't own that dress.
  16. Fake. You can't have been there, you haven't got a clapper.
  17. Definitely doesn't look English to me. She's in another country and (going off this evidence) hasn't taken her top off, urinated on a local monument or projectile-vomited at a police officer.
  18. Carrying on with Fairy in Boots's excellent shout with Phoenix Nights - @Any O'Brien @Storts I'm getting the word, 'Nonce' @Fairy In Boots
  19. I loved the first season, and got well into the second. I kinda left with the feeling that if season 3 comes out... I'm not going to rush watching it. Did anyone watch The Knick? Thoroughly enjoyed it, absolutely gutted when I found out it was cancelled after the second season - a really interesting concept with some really engaging performances.
  20. It grinds my gears when people use sentence fragments to mock people who use sentence fragments.
  21. Now come on, who is going to own up to that?! That's almost like asking members to admit they've tasted the ashes of a dead family member. Oh, wait...
  22. That's honestly fascinating (for me, at least). Any idea why? Not that I expect it to be an easy answer - it is arguably a similar thing in the UK, but we can at least draw a pretty map around the League heartland. As far as the actual sports go, there is absolutely nothing to make either a 'rich' or 'poor' sport.
  23. Agreed. Is there a regional divide in Australia, as well? In the UK, League is the egg-game of choice for nearly everyone north of an imaginary line drawn from the Mersey to the Humber. It appears that anyone south of this line assumes that the game is for feral beasts, because it doesn't involve 10 fat blokes jumping on top of each other.
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