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  1. Back to #fucktheefl it is then. The optimist in me hopes that they're appealing it so they can get away with only giving us a 3 point deduction and maintain the integrity of the league, while looking like hard bastards who keep clubs in line. The realist in me thinks we're going to get fucked with another -12, because LOL y not
  2. Twitter is in meltdown some properly bitter bellends following league one clubs. Like -12 points and five games playing the kids wasn't enough. We're going to fucking stay up and fans of whoever finishes third bottom are going to have a monumental paddy. Bring it on, this season is wonderful. (Pardon my inactivity, I've been hooked on the club boards the past few weeks!) Up the shithousing whites! #lovetheefl
  3. It's not often I enjoy being wrong, but wow. We were really positive again, and probably deserved to win the game. Last minute handballs don't help us, but there's so much to be happy about. 2 home points this week, when we all expected none.
  4. Well, one of you looked good in your photos. And shhhhh! Don't let her find out my plans
  5. First game I've genuinely looked forward to in about three years. Such a feelgood factor at the club at the moment. Guaranteed 0-3 loss (at least). Who cares? The Great Escape is still mathematically possible!
  6. I promise I wasn't having a go!! (Valencia looks fit by the way)
  7. No topic for tonight's games, so I'll pop it here. But we looked fucking excellent tonight - we could have been three up before half time. Wonderful attacking football from a group of castoffs who have known each other for a couple of weeks, just stunning. Very, very worthy of a point, if not all three. Bring on Sunderland!
  8. Never fear! It will all be OK when Rob Holding comes back. P.S. are there any outstanding payments due on Holding's performance fees? Please?
  9. I would let Nigel Pearson sit on my face if there were a universe where this could happen.
  10. Some really exciting signings there to be honest. A blend of seasoned pros across the divisions, coupled with some the exciting youth who have excelled under horrible circumstances. Permission to get giddy ... Can a miracle happen? EEEEEEE I E I E I O
  11. Whoops. It's another fiver! Don't care, there's still cause for optimism. Two weeks with no games, to bring in a squad of seasoned professionals, blend them with a few of the decent YOOF, and away we go. Only gotta catch up 15 points, over another 41 games. KTF.
  12. That is an excellent appointment for where we are right now. Two Bolton boys running their hometown club, and known for attacking football. Absolutely what we need to bring together our fanbase and build that 'us against the world' mentality we'll need if we have any hope of performing miracles this year.
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