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  1. It's not often I enjoy being wrong, but wow. We were really positive again, and probably deserved to win the game. Last minute handballs don't help us, but there's so much to be happy about. 2 home points this week, when we all expected none.
  2. Well, one of you looked good in your photos. 😍 And shhhhh! Don't let her find out my plans
  3. First game I've genuinely looked forward to in about three years. Such a feelgood factor at the club at the moment. Guaranteed 0-3 loss (at least). Who cares? The Great Escape is still mathematically possible!
  4. I promise I wasn't having a go!! (Valencia looks fit by the way)
  5. No topic for tonight's games, so I'll pop it here. But we looked fucking excellent tonight - we could have been three up before half time. Wonderful attacking football from a group of castoffs who have known each other for a couple of weeks, just stunning. Very, very worthy of a point, if not all three. Bring on Sunderland!
  6. Never fear! It will all be OK when Rob Holding comes back. P.S. are there any outstanding payments due on Holding's performance fees? Please?
  7. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    I would let Nigel Pearson sit on my face if there were a universe where this could happen.
  8. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    Some really exciting signings there to be honest. A blend of seasoned pros across the divisions, coupled with some the exciting youth who have excelled under horrible circumstances. Permission to get giddy ... Can a miracle happen? EEEEEEE I E I E I O
  9. Whoops. It's another fiver! Don't care, there's still cause for optimism. Two weeks with no games, to bring in a squad of seasoned professionals, blend them with a few of the decent YOOF, and away we go. Only gotta catch up 15 points, over another 41 games. KTF.
  10. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    That is an excellent appointment for where we are right now. Two Bolton boys running their hometown club, and known for attacking football. Absolutely what we need to bring together our fanbase and build that 'us against the world' mentality we'll need if we have any hope of performing miracles this year.
  11. Cantwell looks shit hot. £50m to United next season .
  12. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    Jack Hobbs signed, with plenty of others like Craig Conway, Will Buckley and other training with the club expected to sign soon. I hope they keep it under wraps, if they do sign any more. Let Gillingham assume they're playing the kiddies and then BAM, unleash our tired old journeymen. *Also, I suggested Sharon Brittan was Nick Mason's wife. Not so, just business partner. Never mind.
  13. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    I'm gonna dust off the old literary analysis and complex web of bullshittery from my English degree and go for 'Pig on the Wing', please. I haven't had a silly name on here since the old days, when I had 'Nolan4England' for a while, chortle. Explanation for anyone who can be arsed: - Celebration of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason now being indirectly involved in the club through his wife (close to the title of one of their songs) - Nod to the 'Trotters' nickname - Acknowledgement my youth playing style as a fat lad with no pace, but who could whip in a decent cross Ta dah
  14. Pig on the Wing

    Bolton Wanderers - Takeover Completed

    That can be discussed tomorrow. All that matters is I have a club to support, and can now ask the admins to allow an early display name change Delighted. Even if it means that odious chode has made a fortune from the Eddie Davies Trust. Unfuckingbelievable that he's got away with this. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/statement-on-behalf-of-david-rubin--partners-administrators-for-bolton-wanderers3/