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  1. Berserker my man! I'm so happy to see that you've joined the forum as well! We finally have the season resumed in AFA. any expectations?

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      Likewise bro. Well, regarding us unfortunately it's almost impossible to win the league, but we did recover Rojas who will be very useful through the season as we didn't have a decent left. Regarding the league, next week they should decide on one of the three offers to sell the TV Rights, one being a FOX/Turner association, the other ESPN and lastly Mediapro, all offer decent money, about $225M USD for the first year plus around 77M in bonuses, it will keep increasing every year and the AFA will also get a cut depending on how many subscribers are. I'l like the money to be divised based on TV viewers and attendances, imagine we get $50M per season just from the TV Rights. My god, that would be glorious!

    2. football forum


      yes, then you won't need to sell all of your greatest players again :D i want you guys to rebuild your team and become strong again. Strong enough to win the championship or even the Copa Libertadores! This is how River should be!

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      Well in reality even with the current income we shouldn't have to sell our best players, it's just like i told you before, our boards have always been corrupt bastards bar a few exceptions. But with this money it would be very hard for them to come with the old excuses. And yeah, i hope we go back to how we were  2 years ago. We desperately need a RM to replace Sanchez, and we could have gotten Carbonero literally for free if your president wasn't an inept. Also Mercado's replacement even though he looked like the new Cafu for the first 2 o 3 matches, has been a disaster, just like the other signings. One good RM, RB/LB (Casco can play both) a DM to replace Kranevitter, a CB and a GK, and we also need Nacho Fernandez to step up. Out of those we'll only get a DM and perhaps a RM, GK and a CB if Mina (who sucks) leaves.

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