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  1. Well fucking done town, well fucking done, excellent decision not to listen to me. 5 days and not one fucking decent lynching.

    Tanzi Mafia left:




    Deadlinesman or Cure

    Most appealing performance:



    Tsubasa and Deadlinesman if he's not mafia.

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    2. football forum


      Actually @Tanksie having just looked through Day 3 you'll find I went down through rough of Tsubasa. To quote myself:

      ' I suspect the mafia will take Tanksie or Harry tonight. Even if Anton is acting suspiciously Tanksie seems to be very panicky and could just be trying to shift the attention. As for who we're lynching I'm sticking with Tsubasa. He's really not sitting right with me. '

    3. football forum


      I was just trying to do the right thing :$

    4. football forum


      Also you would've been lynched anyway. Throughout that thread many people were shwoing aigns of voting for you and it was more like Harry and Anton. I did vote for you to preserve the majority as Tsubasa was clearly going to survive. Anton was then poisoned by the freemasons of course. They were more to blame than the townies to some extent because who did they kill? Stan (townie), Harvey (townie), Anton (townie) and no poisoning took place on the fifth day. The townies have an even chance of going through lynching. They took out three.