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  1. I hope Pl mouth beat Lei ester to have a chance of survival and for D n and you to have a meltdown.
  2. If Lei ester can't beat Millwall,we stand no chance. 2-0 loss.
  3. Wrexham are more or less there. A win for them and MK Dons losing seals promotion to League One for them.
  4. Leicester lose, Leeds draw and Southampton win. Great chance for Ipswich to capitalise on this and take top spot. If Southampton can capitalise on a couple of results going their way and win the game in hand against Leicester, they could sneak this.
  5. We tend to be a bit better away than home, but with Brum needing points to stay up, they'll likely turn us over.
  6. Saturday 13th April, 2024 Sydney FC 1-1 Western Sydney, 10.45 Atletico Madrid 2-1 Girona, 13.00 Birmingham 1-3 Coventry Motherwell 2-0 Hibernian Torino 0-2 Juventus, 17.00 Sunday 14th April, 2024 DC United 2-2 Orlando City, 00.30 Braunschweig 1-2 Hannover, 12.30 Tottenham Women 4-0 Leicester Women, 12.00 Clermont 1-0 Montpellier, 14.00 Vasco de Gama 1-1 Gremio, 20.00
  7. The weather here is expected to be poor as well. Think I read that my area would see about 5-10% if the weather's good.
  8. Think the same as well. Had a quick look at the run in and Arsenal have got quite a nasty run. Man City’s looks pretty comfortable, while Liverpool have a couple of tricky fixtures.
  9. Same here. I was hesitant at first, but my old man sorted it out for me when I moved out and haven't looked back since. Plus it's in his name, so he'll be going to prison instead if the polcie have nothing better to do.
  10. Very unlikely, but considering Luton have Brentford on the 20th, Brentford could get dragged into a late scrap if they aren't careful. At the same time, Luton play Man City and Brentford play the whipping boys, so expecting the gap to increase.
  11. Rotherham relegated after losing to Plymouth last night. No snorkels or goggles next season then.
  12. Off topic, but a mate of mine mentioned that Disney are looking to go down the Netflix route of cracking down on password sharing. It just makes me laugh that the likes of Sky, Netflix etc piss and moan about piracy and all that, only to push you towards IPTV with continuous adverts, price increases etc.
  13. Well be as shit as us and you won't have that problem.
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