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  1. Dickie

    Off Topic

    pretty sure he"ll be the first to die from dabs but what a way to go out
  2. Pieters is a LB but he's built like a CB. He would be a good backup and squad guy for europe, cups, etc. He was pretty good when he was at PSV, we just like ruining players lol. I will tell you Sobhi is a bit overrated tbh.
  3. Dickie

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    Day one of new anti anxiety medicine, this will be an adventure.
  4. Dickie

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    Made a new video! It's quite normal!
  5. Dickie

    Off Topic

    Yeah, I only have 2 friends from grade school still and I graduated with 756 in just my class alone if that gives you an idea. But I appreciate it lol.
  6. Dickie

    Off Topic

    So what you are saying is... You're a liar!
  7. Dickie

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  8. Dickie

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    After 2.5 weeks of working on this, 16 and half hours editing it and 267 cuts, I can show you the timeline it took forever. I finished this baby and I'm stupid proud of it! Hope ya'll like it, @Tommy now no longer Tsubs... you'll like it I think!
  9. Dickie

    Off Topic

    I mean... looks like they are playing on an American Football Field... QUALITY tackle there. I'd bring her on to play safety for the eagles.
  10. Dickie

    Off Topic

    I would be insulted if you didn't! Yeah I'll just send the drone over to england it'll be fine. Thanks man much appreciated! Sniffles* Thanks man!
  11. Dickie

    Off Topic

    Rab said to post this here instead of in a status sooooo here ya go. I know a lot of you know I've been dealing with a number of health issues lately and this kind of wraps it up pretty well in my own way.
  12. Dickie

    Off Topic

    I had my heart broken this weekend, I'm not gonna lie it hurts... alot.
  13. I saw a guy that looked like Jurgen Klopp at the gym like dead on twin. It wasn't him obviously because why would he be in a gym at NYC? Regardless I kept staring at him and freaked him out. It's fine.
  14. I'm still playing PUBG and Town of Salem with my friends. Played Battlefront II which was just as disappointing as one might assume it'd be.
  15. Im not going to fully join this debate but, I believe being PC and a snowflake are separate things. Being PC or attempting to be PC most of the time is common decency, being a snowflake is taking the idea of being PC and taking it to another level. Snowflakes are the ones who needed a "safe zone" when trump was elected. They are the ones who go on Facebook when they see a funny animal video and preach that it's cruelty to video tape your cat rolling over and falling off the couch. It's just extremism at the end of the day but not antifa extremism, snowflakes imo are the ones that expect others to do things about it and are the internet social justice warriors that preach but never do.
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