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AS Roma Takeover Reportedly Close

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Been rumours for a few months, but reports suggest it could be almost done.

Pallotta may not be the most popular of owners, but he has effectively stabilised Roma and averted most of their financial difficulties and made a start on the stadium plans.

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8 minutes ago, Danny said:

Was he the yank?

With Friedkin, he'll be the third American in a row to take control of Roma. Pallotta has been in charge since 2012.

Opens up a return to the club for De Rossi and Francesco Totti, in some role or another. Whether that is a positive or not...

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Groundhog Day. 

I'll believe it when it's announced. Probably only Newcastle that have supposedly being bought over more times in recent years.

Their losses for the last few years have been astronomical and they desperately need further outside funding and their stadium development to happen soon.

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An agreement has been reached to sell the club to The Friedkin Group (owned by US Billionaire Dan Friedkin). Seems an agreement of €850 million was agreed last December. Probably fair to say that figure will be a lot less now.

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