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Julian Weigl to Benfica

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Ao que A BOLA apurou, Julian Weigl está próximo de reforçar o Benfica. Luís Filipe Vieira esteve reunido com os responsáveis do Borussia Dortmund e as negociações aceleraram nos últimos dias.

A proposta deverá cifrar-se num valor a rondar os €20 milhões, com o médio germânico de 24 anos a apresentar-se na Luz já em janeiro.



Julian Weigl wird den BVB wohl verlassen. Nach den Informationen dieser Redaktion bahnt sich ein Wechsel nach Portugal an.




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On 31/12/2019 at 04:45, Machado said:

I really do not believe it until he's wearing the kit. Haven't watched much of him tbh but obviously have heard a lot about him.

Why are Dortmund selling?

Too slow for the CB role in Favre's system, not enough possession in Favre's system for him to excel as CM. Weigl was brilliant under Tuchel, but mediocre afterwards. 

What about Benfica?  Do they plan to play Tuchelball?

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20 hours ago, Machado said:

He seems very happy to be here. Let's hope he's a good addition. I'm not sure he can play in the Europe League? That'd be great.

He's an excellent passer of the ball and he has good movement off the ball. But he is slow and not the most physically strong midfielder. He thrived in Tuchel's system, when Tuchel was manager at Dortmund. But he's struggled in midfield in recent times, often being dispossesed when on the ball. He should do well at Benfica though, if they make full use of his passing ability, as he has a great passing range.

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