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Recording Text to Voice in a .wav file

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So this is a bit of a weird question, and a very brief google search (aka... I haven't looked passed page 1 on google - I will soon, but I wanted to see if I could get an answer elsewhere)… I figured I'd at least ask on here because some of you are very tech savvy (especially compared to me).

So I want to record a voicemail message. With my voicemail setup, I can upload a .wav file rather than just record it from my phone. And since I'd rather not have people ask "what the fuck did this guy with a thick accent just say?" when they get to my voicemail, I figured if I could record the computer reading out something I'd typed that'd be easier for people to understand me here (ya know, if they can't get me on the phone - in which case, they're shit out of luck and have to deal with the accent). It sounds like total shit when played loudly and recorded through my phone mic - so if there was a way for me to record the voice to a .wav file... that'd solve my problem as I could just upload that recording to my voicemail account.

It's got to be possible, I just don't really know what the fuck I'd need to get it done. So if anyone knows how, I'd appreciate the shit out of it.

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