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SPL Split - Fixture Farce

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Is this about to be the year the annual post split fixture farce brings the whole lot rumbling down? If the current top six remains as it is, which is highly likely, then Celtic will have played the other 5 teams twice away from home and once at home. Therefore to give balance they should be due to play all five post split fixtures at home!! Something that obviously cant happen. So they will have to play two of the five away from home again. I know its happened previously with one fixture reverse but two! Has it happened before? There is no way it can be considered as equal as Celtic have to play not just one but two extra away games against their closest rivals. Can this really happen? Hopefully the final nail in the coffin pf the dreadful split.

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It's happened many times before with some teams ending up playing 18 home games and 20 away games.

It's also happened that a team has had to play Celtic away three times. So it's not new and would be weird if it suddenly did change because it happened to Celtic.

Ultimately, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to see it change but that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.

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Just cos it happens to Celtic I don't think it should be cause for change. Would look like it shows favouritism to the bigger club(s) and would just look unfair.

All clubs surely go in to it knowing there's a possibility you could play more away/home games against rivals. Just how the season works out, right? 

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