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The Dundee/Dundee United is a pretty good example of two clubs very close to each other but still have their own stadiums.

How would you feel about sharing a stadium with another team?

Would it be different if shared with a team from another sport?

And would it have to be a newly built stadium or could it be an existing stadium?

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Glad we don't share a stadium with another football club to be honest. Not sure I'd like or enjoy sharing a club with a rival. Leicester Tigers have played at the King Power before but it's nowhere near the same.

Would be good if we had some Milan fans on here to share their thoughts xD

Do we even have any fans on here that support a club that ground-shares? 


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When the CCS was first built, we ground shared with the Cardiff Blues. Surprise surprise, we hated it due to the pitch getting torn up and the Blues generally hated it as it was an unnecessary and unpopular ground move.

They've now moved back to Cardiff Arms Park and the CCS is now purely football. Wouldn't want another team here again.

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