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21 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Tumblr was decent back in the day but I've not been on it for years now. It still makes me laugh how people used to pay real money for backgrounds and themes xD. Had a friend from school who had never had a girlfriend and basically ran Tumblr as his own personal porn stash, was quite hilarious when he was constantly flicking through it in class and trying to get everyone's attention. 

Same. Must be about 7/8 years since last having a Tumblr profile xD 

Regarding people paying for backgrounds/themes, I remember people used to do it for MySpace I think. I had a mate at school who would create code and whatever was needed so we just got him to do ours xD 

I know i use a lot of gifs on here but I had no idea Tumblr was still actually a thing.

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