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Fathers Day

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Well you lot of Daddies, did you have a happy fathers day? mine was nice seeing the grandsons with our daughter & son in tow and having a few wines,

Our daughter knows one of my favourite groups of years gone by and I saw them live in Aussie land many moons ago so she bought me this wee musical box, wind it up and it plays the tune 'Let it Be' I bloody love it too bits already.  xD



To top it off a humourous Fathers Day card from her as she knows if she is skint she will always text me a message asking to borrow some dosh, whenever I see her opening text message "Dadddeeeee...please? :x... I just reply "How much?..." xD

thumbnail_20210620_163028.thumb.jpg.ed35a8f980742f1189b3298e3ff0b674.jpg thumbnail_20210620_163052.thumb.jpg.642502e5b620e54307555a72be773e6c.jpg

and the grandsons as per normal...


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