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World Cup Qualification (CONMEBOL) - August 31st and September 5th

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August 31st

Peru vs Bolivia

Brazil vs Ecuador

Uruguay vs Argentina

Venezuela vs Colombia

Chile vs Paraguay


September 5th

Argentina vs Venezuela

Colombia vs Brazil

Ecuador vs Peru

Paraguay vs Uruguay

Bolivia vs Chile


will post the table later 

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Anyways, we should beat Bolivia and I'm expecting a loss vs Ecuador. It would be nice to gather the 6 points for once, but I doubt it.

Hopefully Paolo Guerrero makes it back in time for the game in Quito. Got injured for Flamengo the other day.

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Our squad should be up today or tomorrow. Jefferson Farfan is supposedly coming back, which I hope is just whitesmoke. He's had too many chances and his ego will just disrupt what is a very good dressing room.

If Ruidiaz can't make it vs Bolivia, then let it be Irven Avila. Not the best player but against Bolivia he's good enough.

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In seriousness, and this is a general reply and not to Teso as I can't take him seriously, but I can see a 3-5 goals to 0 win for us. It's a bit confident especially given how much of shithouses they are, but with our attacking game I can see our match being similar to theirs in Venezuela. 

I just don't want Farfán to be called up. Aside from his possible ego, he's shite these days.

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Leao Butron rumoured to not be called up, which will upset a lot of people. I'm not. I'm sure the man isn't even bothered anymore. He's over 40 years old, he's been brilliant but I still prefer Pedro Gallese.

Although I'd like Alejandro Duarte to get called up over Caceda. Carlos Caceda might play for my club Universitario but I really don't rate him all that much.


Cueva just got a last minute injury. If he's out for these 2 games, I think Hurtado should step in again. As I said in the other thread, he's been great for La Blanquiroja everytime he's played, so there's really no risk in putting him on. The driver for his team in Portugal and rips it up over there.

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1 hour ago, Azeem98 said:

Ecuador was terrific at the start of the qualifiers, they won four out four opening games and looking at the table right now they have won just one game after that.

6 of their regulars are going to be missing the game against us due to lack of playing time at their clubs. Don't know if thats a good or a bad thing as they have been playing over better players like Ramirez and Cazares who should be starting.

The only one I'm terrified of in our game though is Antonio Valencia. No idea how he plays for Manchester United, but he's a terrific player for Ecuador.

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Peru squad for the qualifiers.



I really didn't want to see Farfan, but he's here. He better take this chance as if he messes it up, he won't get another one. Bulos I'm not sure what he's doing there. Very limited player who works in a good system but he should only be put on if the game is finished. Wilder Cartagena the other new one.

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1 hour ago, oliveandblue said:

Four games left, and Argentina are only two points safe.  Interesting times...

Peru probably need 10 points from their run-in to feel safe about their odds.  I'm not sure if that's possible, though.

I mean, if we had better away fixtures then yes it would have been possible, but Ecuador and Argentina away are just too much for us. No matter how well we are playing right now its a bit much. We shot ourselves in the foot by drawing Argentina 2-2 in a game where we dominated. 

I don't think we will qualify but I think we will finish 6th and get 7 points and then if Gareca stays we'll qualify for 2022. We may have started off terribly, but its been extremely promising after the Copa America Centenario.

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Also on Mildem backing you up, I'm sure he would. Why don't you log out and go laugh with him instead of doing it here? I'm sure it would be good fun. 

AFF is the only forum where people defend you after all, and the only one where you can be defended as the majority on there are about as bad as you.


And just a note, I just want you to know that no one cares about your views on Peru because they are completely delusional and everyone knows it. People want to listen to me, not you. They also don't care about some shit I said in the past, so you're wasting your efforts.

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Hey Teso, how do you explain this?

Are you going to be your usual self and disappear and when you get called out on it are you going to ask me to leave you alone when you look for every fight you daft twat? Whats your excuse? MEXICO USED A B TEAM!!! Hope Trump deports you tomorrow and you hit your head so you forget English. 



Oh and if you disappear from this thread then I will not only tag you in order to embarrass you more but I will just assume that you think you're wrong. 


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4 minutes ago, Azeem98 said:

@LaSambadeStGermain Arguing with an idiot is like stabing yourself

Good point. Someone who thinks Mexico, Costa Rica and USA would top CONMEBOL is delusional.

Mexico would finish 9th or 8th in CONMEBOL. 

Shock horror, Teso disappeared. Its only a matter of time before he shows up and asks me to leave him alone, very ironically.

Banning him from here will be the greatest thing that's happened in forum history.

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So Miguel Araujo has been injured. Who does Gareca call up? Callens? NOOOOO Luis Abram. 

Gareca needs to sign a new contract immediately, but even some of his decisions are questionable. Why call up someone who is having a horrid season in the Peruvian league over a player who has started every game in the MLS for New York City and having a good season... I'd even take Benincasa over Luis Abram.


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