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  1. Chelsea Discussion

    Miss him to bits. People tend to forget how good he really was, had something like 20 goals and over 30 assists the 2013 season. Another ruined by Mourinho.
  2. Yeah there was a meeting about it but guess they forgot to invite you.
  3. Burnley are currently a Champions League contending club
  4. Bakayoko much better when he is actually composed. Who would of thought
  5. Bakayoko bashing brigade silenced.
  6. Batshuayi for sure leaving
  7. Chelsea Discussion

    Matt Law saying we are in poll position to sign Thomas Lemar
  8. Last movie you watched?

    Fell asleep watching the Jesse James film with Brad Pitt
  9. Best Christmas Movie (Qualifying Round)

    A Muppets Christmas Carol is better than the original
  10. Marcos Alonso

    Was a toss up between Sandro and Rahman at the time. Emenalo chose the latter. Thank fuck he's gone
  11. Chelsea Discussion

    Oh you don't know? We will guaanteed spend 300 mill, improve in certain areas, then win the title. Then the following summer, we will let certain players go and fail to strengthen properly to defend the league. It's a damn cycle.
  12. Chelsea Discussion

    Just rumors at the moment. No LWB upgrade, buying two injured CMs, getting rid of Chalobah for peanuts,. The board have really out done themselves.
  13. Marcos Alonso

    Absolute liability. Has a nice FK and scores more goals than a defender should, which will obviously paper over the cracks in the pundits eyes.
  14. Upcoming Movie Trailers

    @Tsubasa Have you seen the trailer for Ready Player One? Looks decent. Features that young lad from 'Mud. (Was wondering when he'd get his career kicked off as he was very good in that)