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Hearts' New Main Stand

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After seeing the 'stand' in it's current state recently, I'll be surprised if they actually manage to play any games at Tynecastle in the remainder of this year.

Will be absolutely great when it is finished. Already the best atmosphere in Scotland at a stadium, having four 'equal stands' can only be an improvement.

Extremely jealous of the stadiums that the two capital clubs have at the moment.

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“So what went wrong? The club, quite simply, did not process the order for the seats in the required timescale to ensure delivery in line with our plan. Unfortunately, the supplier did not escalate this and as a consequence our production slot was missed and the required shipping dates could not be met. By the time this came to my attention, there was nothing that could be done to expedite delivery.

“As chief executive of the club, the buck stops with me and I have apologised to Derek and his team for our mistake. On a more positive note, the relationship between the club and our construction partners, is such that we are already looking positively ahead.”

Basically, yeah...

It's not too big an issue really for them. Switch some home games to away games and play three games at Murrayfield (which is basically in the same part of Edinburgh anyway), just hoping that the away ticket allocation is increased.

Short term pain for them, but it'll be worth it. Eventually...

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