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2 minutes ago, Harry said:

Merry Christmas all.

Check out this wholesome a.f keyring I got from Santa this year. Best present ever!


That is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Merry Christmas to you as well! 

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Reflecting back to my army days and tours of duty, on one tour we were stationed in an out-of-use Grand Central Hotel in the heart of Belfast.

Now there was a room in there that was allocated to Pakistan brothers who made it into a wee shop that sold all bits and pieces for us guys like cans of booze, cigarettes, sweets, etc, they had their life in their own hands really as they were serving troops who were battling terrorists and anti-British people but they just got on with it. 

That was a part of the tour where we looked forward to going into the shop and buying the likes of cans of lagers, 4 cans which were our limit or restrictions for the week when we were on 2 days of rest and recreation.

Now, this song was going around on the radio at the time as a term of respect for those brothers and other Pakistan or Indian people that would help us squaddies out which we would all sing along, even on patrol, foot or mobile. xD



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