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Gomorrah - Season 3

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GOMORRAH - Season 3

17th November 2017

My favourite series of the moment is back in November with the 3rd season.  Can't wait!

Here's the first official trailer...  Ciro the Phantom is BACK!


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5 minutes ago, El_Loco said:

@SirBalon Ciro is nothing compared to my boy Gennaro. 

It's what they're basing the season on mate...  Ciro coming back for revenge on the murder of his daughter.  My favourite is also Gennaro although I do have a soft spot for Ciro. xD

Just an off-topic detail, but my son is also called Gennaro.   Although I obviously didn't call him that after the character on the series and it was more of a religious thing with San Gennaro being the patron saint of Naples.  I say this because here in England they don't know the name and overtime someone asks and I tell them, they (those that have seen it) always refer to the character in Gomorrah! xD

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