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  1. Just like to post a public apology to Stan, and to others, who I've been disgracefully rude to over my time on this forum. I don't know why I was only suspended as I should been outright banned for what I said. Embarrassing behaviour from a grown man. I'd like to ask that my account is completely deleted, it will be best for the forum and myself. Good luck and look on the bright side, the Earth is healing every day of this Covid19 saga, it could be the social revolution we've long needed.
  2. why do people from Leicester hate Liverpool? There is no reason
  3. The joy peasants like stan take out of anything going wrong for Liverpool shows you all you need to know. Tory England hates Liverpool
  4. Liverpool council is absolutely pathetic.
  5. Every other tranmere game is called off since they became the home of Liverpool ladies. Need to build a new one.
  6. Deserve to go down for the defending of that goal alone. How the fuck can you be paid 4/5 k a week and do that. Pitiful
  7. When your luck’s our...
  8. Because this is effectively a civil law case and not criminal. If you are found guilty then you are found guilty, there is no incremental 'little bit guilty'. The reason the standard of proof is higher in criminal cases is because of the prospect of prison, criminal record etc. The balance of probabilities is still a fairly high threshold, it's not just done on one person's word against each other. Look at John Terry, he clearly screams 'fucking black cunt' but got away with it in a court of law from his bullshit story. The reaction of Leeds fans is bad as Liverpool with Suarez, probably worse given the strong history of racism within Leeds' fanbase. 'Hidden agenda', jesus Christ, don't ever pretend to be against racism again.
  9. He will be an absolute hero to their fans for this.
  10. The Artful Dodger

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    He wasn't toxic, he was a laugh. Knew how to push buttons, people need to relax a bit more on these forums. I'd rather have toxic but intelligent than some of the terrible, shit posts we get on here.
  11. The Artful Dodger

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    Not necessarily, some WUMing is brilliant. I loved that Scottish lad who had so many people up in arms.
  12. The Artful Dodger

    Coronavirus & The Premier League

    He's obviously either a WUM or a simpleton, no point engaging.
  13. The Artful Dodger

    Other News & General Chat

    I have said many inexcusable and silly things but that is not one I regret. The racism on the German national team thread was rife at the time and was widely ignore by our moderators. Until cannabis left racism was widely let go on here tbh. Well I apologise if you felt I was asking for violence but I sincerely was not. Football and politics are interlinked IMO but anyway that’s a different debate. We clearly come from different walks of life but I would encourage you take a more critical view of your own government from time to times.
  14. The Artful Dodger

    Other News & General Chat

    The essence is exactly the same.