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  1. Not sure what your point is, Chelsea are widely considered a racist club. My point is Manchester United are no better, despite what you’re told. If you can’t see it you never will. Look at the way Ryan Giggs is regarded compared to John Terry.
  2. I’ve gone over the top many times and apologise but not this time. Every thing I said was right. Manchester United are a protected club. Open your eyes, imagine if three Liverpool/Chelsea players were racially abused in a week. You know the reaction on here would be very different.
  3. Don’t blame me. Speaking truths about a Manchester side gets a lot of vitriol. Just look at the way Liverpool fans were called into question for abusing Lovren/Karius etc. But three Manchester United players racially abused in a week and just one token post. I wouldn’t mind but it’s the pretence of neutrality that irritates.
  4. "[Racist shit that @Dr. Gonzo censored]" A regular chant from the Stretford end in 1980s. This club are not what the bbc want you to think they are.
  5. Pitiful. I don’t bat for Liverpool. Liverpool football club have some reprehensible creatures who support them, embarrassed themselves over the Evra issue and have countless racists supporting them. You mistake me pointing out your hypocrisy for affection. I am capable of objectivity. I can see that both Liverpool and Manchester United have horrible fans but only one is chastised as a city for it. Still can’t bring yourself to admit your hero is scum eh, yeah I stand by worm. Manchester United a protected club.
  6. Yes, nasty piece of work and regarded as so. Your man is still on tv shows doing what he wants. Manc media protection as always. I don’t try to bat for Liverpool at all, just sick of hypocrites like yourself and everyone involved at that cesspit in Trafford. It amazes me you can’t even bring yourself to say Giggs is a twat. What a worm you are. Nasty club and nastier fanbase, go back to chanting (Racist word deleted by Mods because once again you can’t handle your ale) at players. You’re no better than anyone.
  7. It’s very witty ‘n all but it doesn’t disguise your inability to handle the truth about your club and people. Reckon it was a thing in the class of 92?
  8. How many times can the Talkfootball365 hierarchy turn their heads and pretend that they just do not see? The answer is blowin’ in the wind.
  9. How many battered women will it take till you realise? Giggs is a nasty piece of work. Been known for years. Can guarantee you loathe Terry.
  10. Just want some truth mate. Just gimme some truth. The silence on here about the golden club is pitiful. They don’t care about racism that much do they...
  11. Martial, Tuanzebe and Rashford all sent vile racial abuse within a week but not one headline says it’s Manchester United fans. Nobody knew that Ryan Giggs punched a women in the stomach in the 1990s either. Such a horrific club, best mates with Fleet Street and always have been
  12. I think we’re arguing for different things here toonlad. Your views on racism I don’t agree with. My beef is purely with the way certain cities and people are treated in this country.
  13. The reaction to Lovren/Karius Being abused was of absolute disgust at Liverpool as a club (and ultimately as a city). When it’s Manchester racists it’s just brushed off. It’s nothing major, it’s just England. This dislike is inbuilt into the English psyche. But do me a favour and recognise the hypocrisy.
  14. When it’s a Manc involved it’s always apologised for. The moderators are Manchester United/City/anyone but Liverpool fans and actively cheer for them. You need to realise you’re on a club form not a unbiased platform.
  15. Tbf it’s a bit rich getting annoyed at this lad when this forum displays double standards when it comes to clubs and racism.