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  1. What happened to clyne? There were lots of rumours about him and certain actives but he was a genuinely bery good player. Just sort of faded.
  2. Vaccines are great. Lockdowns are not. That's what should be railed against.
  3. Disgusting and cynical move. Should be a by election. Shows politicians for what they are
  4. I think he and Benitez are similar in that respect. Both superb tacticians at their peak, but slowly being marginalised by a football that requires a more all encompassing philosophy. Their ethos will get its time again though.
  5. So apparently the Government want to process asylum seekers in Ghana or Rwanda now. Albania was the initial suggestion but they scotched it. Taking away the very obvious and dangerous moral issue at play, the stupidity and arrogance of our current rulers is beyond belief. 'Pick a country our moronic voters think is a ahithole and let them deal with it'. Never have I see such a wilful abrogation of responsibility.
  6. Really not sure about Lampard. Think this mythical good season he had in 19/20 is just that, a myth. He finished par for the course imo.
  7. Thus Government risks serious injury and has seriously injured thousands of people over the years. The risk of injury is a mealy mouthed defence.
  8. It's Ancelotti's comments since leaving which have made him seem arrogant. Very surprising for a man with a reputation for being a class act.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-60032465 Not the end but a good start. I fear this desperate government are going to try and railroad it through anyway. Combined with the Nationalties Bill, it's a very serious turn in British politics.
  10. Because life shouldn't be one big free market festival, where basically the wealthy decide what gets made. The BBC is an absolutely vital part of British culture. Does it have problems, yes. It will be sorely missed when it goes, as looks likely now. The Tories are doing this for purely ideological reasons.
  11. The most enjoyable Everton side to watch that I've seen seen was that 13/14 side. Just never built on it.
  12. The BBC is essentially to be defunded by the Tories. This is terrible news. The BBC gets a lot of stick from both the left and right and it's news content has certainly been poor over recent years. However, the BBC is much more than that, from Radio 4 to BBC three, the BBC gives a voice to so many different people and is, I think, one of the greatest institutions in Britain. This is an ideological attack by an increasingly belligerent government. The move to Fox style, trash news is already pretty evident in our culture but this will only expedite it. I'm very worried about the future of this country.
  13. A genuinely decent man. There aren't that many in the world.
  14. It's got to be Potter but genuinely not sure Everton have the pull to get him now.
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