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  1. Juventus been overrated a bit because of the easy Italian league?
  2. The Artful Dodger

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    He's always done it against teams with average defences, he's just not a top level striker and they won't get near a league title with him leading the line. Not good enough.
  3. May confidence vote triggered. Here we go...
  4. I don't see that at all, I think Hitchens has an overly romanticised position of Britain's former position in the world but he's in no way comparing modern Germany to its Nazi past, he goes to great lengths to criticise Britain for involving itself in WW1 and laments the hostility to Germany. Germany quite simply IS the most powerful nation on the continent, this will always be the case. The EU is way of making this fact into a workable relationship, I think using the word 'German empire' is a little inflammatory but the point he's trying to make is not far from the truth.
  5. Cup competition now. No reason you can't get the final or even win it.
  6. The Artful Dodger

    Romelu Lukaku's Size

    He's a big man, I don't see any reason why he'd need to 'beef up'? His problem has always been touch and general game awareness, he's a decent finisher and very strong and has been since his Everton days.
  7. A lot of time for Tottenham, superb side who I'd dearly like to see win the league ahead of the two cancers currently ahead of them. However, I don't see how playing their hearts out with their best side against a piss poor reserve Barcelona and getting a 1-1 draw is cause for celebration, apart from the obvious relief of Internazionale being more incompetent than they are. I'd imagine Pochettino is not of the same mindset and sees much room for improvement if you are to win the Champions League, which is surely the only reason to be in it?
  8. Embarrassing result for Spurs, despite the implications of it. Title challengers in the Premier League cannot beat a third rate Barcelona side? Poor.
  9. A lot of saves are like that when you look at them. I think it's the fact he anticipates it well and comes out, but I don't necessarily think Mingolet wouldn't have made that stop.
  10. Napoli looking likely when they come forward.
  11. No excuses for Spurs, they're playing a reserve side.
  12. The Artful Dodger

    Morata v Lukaku v Lacazette

    Lukaku's flaws were always evident, were at Everton and are just more glaring now Manchester United are struggling more.
  13. The Artful Dodger

    Tottenham Hotspur Discussion

    Wasn't for Juventus and isn't for France. Be a loss for Manchester United if they bin him before Mourinho, as I can see another manager making him central to a successful team.
  14. Ronaldo needs the Messi comparisons to stay as it promotes him to a level he just isn't capable of reaching, no matter how fantastic he is in his own right.