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  1. Be interesting to see what the atmosphere is like. Get the feeling it could turn on Woodward if Manchester United get pummeled.
  2. Isn't it just a matter of 'good marking' versus 'bad marking'? Going one to one leaves more room for an individual getting best but I don't think either is inherently better than the other.
  3. Sorry Lucas lad, this is pitiful.
  4. We're pretty decent at home, might be able to take something off Sheffield United. Return the favour Leeds did us in 2013.
  5. One thing about Manchester United was the complete professionalism of everything, there was never any protracted transfer sagas (with incoming players) they got it done with no fanfare. There was always a united front from the whole club when speaking to the media and Ferguson was always in control, like a stern headmaster. Now football has changed, but the complete amateurish nature of the way they conduct business now is an almost revolution from what they once were. The Solskjaer appointment may or not may not be the right one, I doubt it myself, but they showed themselves to be swayed by form and emotion, which is never sensible.
  6. Certainly possible, only thing is that there are several wealthy clubs in England. The real sign is if Manchester City start taking players off their direct rivals, so if they signed Van Dijk or Mane then you'd know the they're trying to decapitate the league like Bayern Munich, Juventus and PSG have.
  7. Apologies for that last bit. Was out of order.
  8. Why on earth did Manchester United not play in red?
  9. Has this post actually said anything? I know I upset you by calling our your bias but I've not said anything wrong. Your Liverpool posts are actually some of your interesting ones to be fair, the rest are so banal and generic they aren't worth reading. Concentrate on what your passionate about.
  10. Nah, it's different. Would you get tits from Leicester attacking Manchester United for no apparent reason? Wouldn't happen. Liverpool as a city and club is attacked and hated by the English media. Lot of bad things about Liverpool Football Club and I'm one of its fiercest critics but I am enjoying how much it winds up English bellends when Liverpool do well.
  11. Chris Sutton's only Chelsea league call I think?
  12. The whole country is absolutely obsessed with Liverpool football club, for good or bad. Let nobody ever say they are not a giant of a club, has the country ever cared about one club to such an extent?
  13. The Artful Dodger

    The Beatles Appreciation Thread

    Songs? Happiness is a Warm Gun is my favourite, it's like a history of music (up till that point) in one song, that song alone is why John Lennon was a genius. You Never Give Me Your Money is Paul at his best, Here, there and everywhere is a bit sickly sweet but shows off their harmonies at their absolute peak. She Said, She Said is a beast with really mad lyrics. Rain, that is such a superb song (on a b-side!)Oasis were originally called Rain and you can hear it in that song, Oasis' whole sound was based off that song from the guitar to Lennon singing shiii-iiiiiine... I'm happy just to dance with you is a favourite early song with George Harrison on vocals. There's too many, they're a treasure chest of music. Such an incredible band.
  14. Clear as day penalty. Manchester City got away with a handball yesterday and there has been no mention of it. This anti-Scouse (and it is anti-Scouse, amazes me that Everton fans are so thick not to realise the hate directed is about Liverpool people not the club) bile from London/Manc media is coming out in its fullest now.
  15. Signs of hope for Everton, Silva starting to make things happen. Especially at home, his away form has always been poor in England though. If he can keep the better players and add some more quality next season should be promising.