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  1. Dont fancy local team then, not enough proxy glory for you? Why is telling the truth bannable btw?
  2. You'e own team are playing and still its all about Liverpool. You prove my point.
  3. Nasty. Why are you always more mean when Manchester City don't win?
  4. Great banter... But seriously, if this was a Liverpool game it'd be about 6 pages long with the mod going on about how Liverpool.
  5. Hopefully an Evertonian comes on and digs Gerrard like he did that fella for not playing Phil Collins.
  6. Everton to go down is a good bet. Might not happen but I actually think they need it.
  7. Leeds did this the other week but this will be made out to be the worst thing that's ever happened. Some millionaire got a lucozade wellied at his head, who is arsed? Maybe there is some hope for footy
  8. This game must be torture for you. A Liverpool club but the other side has a Liverpudlian manager. Dilemma?
  9. This forum is moderated by someone who despises Liverpool (as city) but pretends not to. Much like most of the British establishment. Anyway, hope Everton win. Great club, great fans.
  10. This forum practically gagged on Lampard when he was managing. I know I'm right, whether Gerrard is a good manager or not it's not what he's judged for.
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