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  1. You can draw or win, they have to win. It's not the end of the world.
  2. Do Leicester have some sort of beef with Liverpool or something?
  3. Leaves it open for the second leg but can't see either side going too much further.
  4. Shite this. Spurs been the best side side in the comp so far.
  5. Is it? He always seems to miss incredibly easy looking chances.
  6. Even Higuain could score against Liverpool's defence tonight.
  7. The Artful Dodger

    Best Pundit for English Football?

    It's an ad hominem argument used by people who are struggling to cope with the debate so try and belittle the person making the argument. It's fun to ridicule people when you've got them sewn up, but this line is usually used to deflect from their inability to counter a point. @6666 uses it frequently.
  8. The Artful Dodger

    David Beckham Statue to be unveiled at LA Galaxy

    What for? A tribute to the fashion industry?
  9. Tbh I've given up now, the breathtaking cynicism and dishonesty at the heart of our politics is too embedded to get rid of. Whatever you think of Corbyn there is something fundamentally wrong about the way these politicians have used Labour funds, people, money to get themselves their largest ever vote and then refuse to relinquish their seat they won because of it, despite supposedly quitting on 'Principle'. They have a fundamental problem with democracy; Didn't like the Leadership vote, so agitated for his removal and then quit. Didn't like the referendum result, campaign for another one etc etc. I think I despise Chuka Umunna more than any other person in politics, it's his brand of no substance politics which has got this country in such a state. Blair, Cameron were from the same mould. This country is doomed. I'm just going to sit back and laugh at it as much as I can.
  10. Another great pogba performance.
  11. Even you can't deny the fat twat has been dreadful tonight.
  12. Keeper is shit too.
  13. Higuain is almost a bad a signing as coutinho.
  14. Lovely ball. Higuain really costing Chelsea up top.