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  1. Not sure about that. A good manager could drag Arsenal up to the top table again. They signed Partry this season who was sought after by a few clubs, so they still have a pull.
  2. The Artful Dodger

    FA Cup 2020/21 - Second Round Matches

    Marine v Liverpool would be perfect. Would be able to get fans in too.
  3. The Artful Dodger

    Christmas 2020

    I’m quite grateful to be able to at least go to a pub, I know a lot of people won’t. To me the best bit of Christmas is the build up, drinks with friends and colleagues, getting ripped off for a pint and freezing cold outside a Christmas market etc. I haven’t seen my Mother since February so it will be great to see everybody at Christmas itself. Hopefully the only Christmas we experience like this. Makes you appreciate what you have.
  4. Tend to agree. I think Giroud is better all round.
  5. Tedious so far, suiting spurs.
  6. I’d imagine Mourinho will try and do the same as last week, when they absolutely did a number on Man City.
  7. Think Klopp’s got this wrong, not just for the belligerent stance towards interviewers who have no control over anything but think it creates a mood of things being worse than they are. If you keep moaning about how terrible things are surely it will seep through to you players? I imagine he is calmer in the dressing room and is trying to fight for his club but i think he could do with relaxing a bit about it now.
  8. I actually thought Southampton were poor throughout and that their 2-0 lead didn’t reflect the balance of play. Manchester United weren’t amazing but I thought the better team, driven by Fernandez and the mercurial cavani.
  9. Wow turned it round. Nice goal.
  10. Fernandes too. Absolute focal point of their team, too much really.
  11. First big test of Chelsea’s new defensive solidity. I think Mourinho has the edge tactically but the array of talent for Chelsea could cause anyone problems.
  12. It’s the perfect mix for people who dislike Manchester United. He’s a club legend with a great degree of goodwill towards him from fans and media. He had that brilliant start, and always eeks out a few results when the pressure is really on. He turns over good sides now and again too. He’s a hopeless coach in my opinion but long may it continue. I frequently find myself cheering them on just so he has chance of staying longer.
  13. Manchester United started ok, goal against run of play. Soton starting to impose themselves a bit now.
  14. Pepe and Keita have been terrible signings so far. Liverpool can afford theirs, Arsenal can’t.