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  1. A Willian winner at Anfield and you’ll be laughing.
  2. There's a really sound Chelsea fan on 5live right now, showing up Sutton and Savage for the muppets they are.
  3. Is Werner looking ok? I've had him in my fantasy team every week and I'm now bottom and cut adrift. I really thought he'd smash it over here.
  4. Messi embarrsing himself in the plain sight again, airing his views in public. I think this man is the greatest footballer of all time but christ he's shown himself to be a spoiled, bratty little cunt over the past few months.
  5. I assume rules must have been changed?
  6. It's a poor point for Chelsea but a terrible one for West Brom. I said they might throw it away but it's no excuse, 3 nil up should never, ever be lost.
  7. The Artful Dodger

    Next Chelsea Manager

    3-2 now, they're definitely going to win.
  8. here we go, could be the making of the season.
  9. The Artful Dodger

    Women's Football

    Is Alex Morgan injured or something? Could do with her on the pitch, this game has been dreadful.
  10. Pulisic is a big miss, genuinely looked Hazard levels last year.
  11. Thiago Silva was such a strange signing to be a regular, maybe as a backup figure to give advice to younger players. This West Brom side is poor though, Chelsea should at least find a way to score and then they can build a way back.
  12. This where the fans are missed. A huge gulf in quality but imagine a packed hawthorns giving Chelsea pelted from the off? Might not win it but it does impact teams.
  13. Don’t think Leicester fans should be crying this in, wolves caaused Manchester City a lot of problems. You can get at them.
  14. Everything considered, this rule needs to be changed. You cannot give a penalty for that.