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Matchday 6 (Group H) - Wednesday 2nd December, 2017

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Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund, 19.45
Tottenham vs APOEL, 19.45

Tottenham qualify in first to go through to the knockouts already.
Real Madrid therefore in 2nd and also guaranteed to go through.
Surprisingly, APOEL can still get through to the Europa League but only if Dortmund surrender their 'superior' negative goal-difference. They're on -5 while APOEL are on -12. An APOEL win, while Dortmund lose or draw, will see the Cypriots do the unthinkable and qualify in to the Europa League out of this group and leave Dortmund going home empty-handed.

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Serge Aurier should be sent off for his 'tackle' on an APOEL player. Totally misses the ball and studs go straight in to the side of the APOEL player's ankle. Ref only gave a yellow. 

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1 hour ago, RandoEFC said:

Is Bosz at any risk of the sack yet?

He should be. Bringing on Toprak in a vital match should be a death sentence. Anyway, now Dortmund will lose against Werder and Bayern, and then he's gone. But I don't see any decent replacement on the horizon in these times. 

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