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Renato Tapia : Future Captain of Los Incas?

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Asked during a radio interview who administered the national team’s WhatsApp group, Peru international Luis Advincula answered: “Who else but the ‘Future Captain’… Renato Tapia.”.

Speaking with FIFA.com, Tapia laughed, as he explained how his team-mate had come up with the moniker after Peru coach Ricardo Gareca stated publicly that “Renato has leadership qualities. He’s a lad who speaks up and even the older players listen to him.”

That said, the 22-year-old central midfielder was keen to point out that “the captain’s armband deservedly belongs to Paolo Guerrero, and we respect that. If one day I’m asked to fill that role, then hopefully I’ll do it well. But this team has more than one leader, which is a good thing given what lies ahead.”

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He can even speak fluent English.

He's definitely the favourite to be the captain after Paolo retires but you never know with these things to be honest. He'll at the very least be the vice captain. I do think age is the most important thing, as well as reputation.

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