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Commonwealth Games 2018

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Any interest in this? I know it's basically a shit imitation of the Olympics but I've always paid attention due to the Isle of Man having it's own team rather than being rolled into Team GB.

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On 05/04/2018 at 10:39, Toinho said:

Yeah I'm watching now and saw the opening ceremony. We normally excel at this with our only real competitors being England and Canada. Jamaica obviously expected to do well in track. 

I think we finished ahead of you last time but you are smashing it this time. 

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One thing I like about the Commonwealth games is that the disabled athleates take part at the same time. That is something I would like to see in the Olympics one day

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6 hours ago, Devon Von Devon said:

Its the commonwealth games and cricket isn't part of it ! an 'A' team T20 competition would be nice

To be fair there is as lot of international cricket played it would be hard to fit it in. 

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