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Richard Scudamore to Step Down

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Richard Scudamore is to step down as Premier League executive chairman after almost 20 years leading the organisation.

Scudamore has been an influential figure in overseeing the English top-flight's expansion during his 20 years in charge.

He intends to vacate his position before the end of 2018, insisting he leaves the Premier League "in great shape".

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people acting like he was some kind of saviour for football for the way the game's grown in the last 20 years, as if football was some minor sport before the Premier League. 

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14 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

The worry is that a corporation (such as Liberty Media from the US) take on the Premier League and make it into a "global brand" by taking it on tour. 

Moan all you want about Scudamore but there could have been far, far worse. 

There's been some quotes in the media that analysts at the Premier League aren't happy with BT in respect of viewing figures and subscriptions which have fallen each quarter since they got their contract.

Wouldn't surprise me if it went to be a global brand more so than it already is (it's been heading that way for years) and US were at the forefront of that.

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