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Your Underrated World Cup XI

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Gallese (Peru)

Murillo (Panama) - Bronn (Tunisia) - Sainsbury (Australia) - Layun (Mexico)

Mooy (Australia) - Halfresson (Iceland)

Gallardo (Mexico) - Harit (Morocco) - Arzani (Australia)

Osako (Japan)


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Just now, Stan said:

better to do this at the end of the World Cup? Some of these players could still have shite games xD 

We could do one each round :)

This is more of a group stage thing I reckon.

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3 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Don't know exactly what happened but Man City was close to buying him and loan him to PSV. 

Similar to Markovic and Ramires when we signed them. Both their agents had already talked to their future clubs (Liverpool/Chelsea). They had a "transition season" over here and then moved on.

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