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Ghana and Nigeria Face International Suspensions

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Nigeria and Ghana are both facing international suspensions from FIFA after a final warning was issued to the African nations over outside interference in their football associations.

FIFA announced on Tuesday that the Nigerian football federation headquarters must return to its elected leadership by Monday or the country will be suspended from all international competition.

With NFF president Amaju Pinnick in Russia for the World Cup, the building was taken over last month by a group claiming a Nigerian court order had given them control of the federation.

The suspension would prevent all Nigerian national teams from taking part in international competitions, but FIFA did say it would make an exception for the Nigerian women's under-20 team, which will be allowed to complete their participation at the World Cup in France.

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On 14/08/2018 at 17:50, Stan said:

outside interference?

So is that what they're calling the e-mails I received about being sent large sums of money when I provided my bank details?

Can you send me your debit card and pin number I need it to pay for my tf365 membership :ph34r:

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