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Birmingham City Could Face 12 Point Penalty

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Birmingham could be hit with a 12-point deduction by the English Football League after allegedly breaking Financial Fair Play rules.

The Sky Bet Championship side have been referred to a disciplinary commission which will hear representations from both the club and the EFL.

The EFL said in August it was "exceptionally disappointed" over the £2m signing of Danish left-back Kristian Pedersen while the club was under a transfer embargo, meaning players could only be signed under certain restrictions.

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25 minutes ago, Danny said:

It's about time points were deducted but I don't think it will come to that and they will come to a silly agreement that offers no punishment much like QPR did.

You say that, but the punishment has completely destabilized QPR. It created a domino effect. I agree in principle on points deductions but the EFL are greedy, they want a slice of the pie. There’s no other way to justify a £42m fine and then settle for around a third of it. The reality is that some clubs can not afford to chase the Premier League dream but do it anyway. And it’s the fans that are left disillusioned when the authorities appear as crooked as some owners.

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