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Farhad Moshiri Becomes Everton Majority Shareholder

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I think this has been managed well. Moshiri has had time to learn the ropes a bit with Kenwright still holding enough of an influence to allow for the transition from his time to Farhad's.

Not saying I'm a big fan of Kenwright or how he has run the club at times but there's far worse owners out there and he has at least been a steady hand to make sure the club has survived comfortably even if it hasn't excelled, during a time of economic uncertainty and instability for a lot of clubs who sold out to the first Tony Fernandes or Venky's that waved a bit of money in front of their owners' noses. Now when he has decided his time is up he appears to have found a man with the right intentions for the club to take us into the next chapter of our history and has protected the club from a risky revolution period by doing it in chunks. Whatever the reasons to dislike the man that will lead him to be remembered far from fondly, I don't think we can take that away from him.

This next step needed to come sooner rather than later though. Hopefully it's another step in the right direction.

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