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Scorpion Squad has a sting in it's tail....

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Good to see the old bill stepping it up a level to rid the roads of these idiots.. For a long time the Police line has been that pursuit of bike riders can result in serious injury so they just shadowed them until they managed to escape down alley's or in estates but these new powers allow them to use 'tactical contacts' to bring the suspects down... 

All fucking for it... also I would make any claims for injury null and void if hurt while committing a crime.. 


Next we should bring in a 'Shoot on Sight' policy for anybody with an offensive weapon...  but I appreciate it's baby steps so one thing at a time... :ph34r:

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Dianne Abbott needs to find herself some other form of employment... Still baffles me that she is employed at all given everything that comes out of her mouth.. Didn't think it would be long before people came out and tried to defend the criminal element in all of this... 

Police have hit back at Labour's Diane Abbott after she criticised the Met for knocking moped yobs off their bikes.

Scotland Yard was praised by Londoners last week after it released footage of its new 'tactical contact' method of catching scooter criminals.

Detectives explained they only use the technique - which involves tipping thieves onto the ground by driving into their bikes - when the riders become a danger to the public.

But Shadow Home Secretary Ms Abbott, who will be in charge of policing if Labour win the next election, was unimpressed by the footage.

Ms Abbott tweeted: 'Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn't be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law.' 

The Labour frontbencher, who is MP for Hackney, a borough plagued by moped crime, waded into the debate four days after the police announcement. 

Stats released earlier this year show her constituency has seen more than 3,000 moped-enabled crimes in the last five years.

But her comments aroused an angry response from both the public and police, who insisted her interpretation of the law was incorrect. 

John Apter, National Chair of the Police Federation, tweeted: 'My colleagues are doing the best they can to prevent robberies, violent attacks and muggings. All their decisions will be based on a wide range of information but they need the law to support them. This is very unhelpful.'

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Saw the news story but didn't see what Abbott said. 

Image result for facepalm gif

What a fucking imbecile. 

I'm all for knocking the fuckers down. Those on motorbikes have been responsible for acid attacks and robberies, to name a couple. If police have authority to be tactical and knock the cunts down then that can only be seen as positive, for me. 

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