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Hibs Win Promotion

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It'll be good for the Scottish Premiership to have them back.  They're an entertaining side and a high-profile team so it can only be good.  On top of that, Neil Lennon will provide some much-needed entertainment and soundbites so it'll be great having him back too!

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I'm not happy tbh. Horrible club with horrible fans but then I'm just a bitter Jambo. It would be great to have the derby back if it was twice a season rather than the normal 3. 

I have to say it have been a real pleasure to give my hibs supporting mates stick for the 3 years they have spent in the wilderness. Especially as they came with party hats and balloons to celebrate our relegation and the demise of our stadium as it was about to be sold to Tesco 😂😂

i wonder if Celtic will supply the usual 5 or 6 loanees each season, now they are back in the premier.

Having said all that, a I can't feckin wait to get stuck right in to the shower of shite. Bring it on 👌🏻👌🏻


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I'm just delighted that there is another East coast team that isn't too far away to get to. Plus, always good to have an away day in Edinburgh. If Dundee United somehow turn their form around as well, it'll be great for next season as well.

Rumours already have them targeting Liam Boyce from Ross County, who'd be a great signing for any Premiership team.

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