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Could Spurs Catch Chelsea?

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as others have alluded to in the match thread, Chelsea have 4 games at home against teams they're likely to beat. Spurs have typically tougher games, away from home.

Chelsea will do enough to win the league. Spurs are on hot form but Chelsea have made it difficult for themselves recently. 

I know I've said it before but in an ironic turn of events, we could be the ones to deny Spurs any chance of the title and give it to Chelsea on 18th May when they come to the King Power. Much like Chelsea did at Stamford Bridge last season when they drew 2-2 to confirm it for us. 

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We have 4 home games against Watford, Southampton, Sunderland and Middlesbrough, with Everton and WBA away.

Spurs have United and Arsenal home, while Palace, West Ham, Hull and Leicester away.

Also a 4 point lead, if we drop it then we don't deserve the title - Michael Owen style.


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