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Cagliari To Face No Punishment For Racist Chants Against Juve's Moise Kean

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The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has confirmed Cagliari will face no action after racial abuse was directed towards Juventus players Moise Kean, Alex Sandro and Blaise Matuidi during their match on 2 April.

Kean reacted to the monkey chants by celebrating in front of the home supporters after scoring the second goal of the game and was criticised by teammate Leonardo Bonucci for his reaction – comments he later backtracked on after widespread condemnation.

Yet despite taking six weeks to investigate the incident, FIGC confirmed on Wednesday that no action would be taken against the Sardinian club because the chants had “an objectively limited relevance”.

The decision was immediately condemned by anti-racism organisation Kick It Out in a post on Twitter: “Embarrassing. Pathetic. Disgraceful. Racism will never be kicked out of football while decisions like this continue to take place - @FIGC should hang their heads in shame.”


Not that I'm surprised but what the fuck does 'objectively limited relevance' even mean?

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Another classless act by FIGC. 

The entire organization needs to be fixed from the inside first as racism isn't going away any time soon if they don't get a fucking backbone one day. 

I mean FFS, it's Cagliari....Demote them, fine them, whatever. They are a perfect club to make an example of.

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