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Breel Embolo - Gladbach Complete Transfer

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Breel's time at 04 was marred by two things - 1) Injuries which were long and hard to overcome and which, at times seemed to push him away from selection - even though he fought hard to get back into the team. but 2) having to try and play alongside the worst forward in the BL who has lost all or every skill he ever had and blames everyone else for his errors - getting away from Burgstaller can do nothing but improve Breel's confidence and performance.  If David makes the mistake of thinking that the B man will do him a job - he might even lose it for there is little doubt that a large part of Tedesco's ineptness was due to his weird belief that his forwards could score goals!  Young Reese has to be given a serious chance to see if in the first part of the season he can cope with the BL pressure at top level.  Kenny will certainly strengthen the defence and with Sascha  Riether being given more responsibility it can only improve.  The optimism is rising -slightly - but there will be more new arrivals shortly!  Meanwhile liverbird will be sad as it looks as if her fav player - Ralf F - is seriously considering moving to Norwich with young U-21 star Alex Nubel almost certain to be first choice next season.  That will allow the talks with Schubert from Dresden to continue and meanwhile there is a strange piece of info from Mesutland that 04 want Sead K back!  Gets more interesting as each day progresses!

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You asked why - the answer was not a simple sentence - more complicated than that - sorry if it was not concise enough! nudge's point was spot on - and someone should answer why the loss of revenue!  Another incompetent bit of upstairs business!

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