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  1. Hi guys! Kept quiet lately whilst Ralph has been keeping the goal empty - until that bit of daftness on Saturday. I know Tommy would still prefer Alexander, but perhaps the strength at the back has finally give the guys up front some reason to get the ball into the other net - however they do it I care not! I never count chickens before they hatch, but the future is not looking quite as dark as it did in January and two more wins could change everything - perhaps I should stay silent
  2. I think Tommy was the most surprised that the guy from 04 actually gave him a 'hug' rather than a handshake - at that time he was a BVB man which made it even stranger!!!
  3. Might be nice to meet up with him again after our time in Germany, but if Paul Scholes was difficult, Weston is a total nut case at times and he loves yellow and red cards. Perhaps Jeese can sort that side out because he is really a fine young guy and an excellent defender when he stops playing like his old friend K Papadopoulus - just as daft as he is.... Could be interesting.
  4. Tommy - I never hate anyone! I find the young guy somewhat incompetent and each ball he sends forward almost always goes straight to a man in red - that and his inability to catch a ball is not nice - particulalry with a decent keeper sat on the bench all season!
  5. It was easier to hold rather than punch it away - straight to the scorer!
  6. Or that one - nudge will be hoping tghat her 7 on unday will be beaten by this lot!
  7. It is funny tha the boards around ther ground are asking to download 'True Leadership' but no one seems to be reading them. Both goals were easily saveable by a decent keeper and two 'saves were punched back to the opposition when they could have been caught and used to set something up. Sorry - it is not at all amusing - Koln will be watching and looking forward to Sunday - even with Bayern waiting for them tonight!
  8. I know - I know..... can anybody get to the man on the side and ask him to pick a goalkeeper who can catch a ball - both goals were saveable with any decent keeper in the BL or PL or even the kids Sunday League, but......
  9. Nothing Holy about this and I refuse to make any comment to upset nudge - she will hardly see anything worse again this season and tomorrow - as they say - is another day. Sorry I can't offer a shoulder to cry on as mine is wet enough already . Dorothy and Toto had the right idea - 'Somewhere bluebirds fly!' Green ones can too!
  10. Ah well - I could say the same again for the other two goals and a 4th which those two managed almost to score between them at the end. Nice win for Bochum! Will be watching with nudge in an hour...
  11. Sad for Manu, but I have always liked JS and this way he just might get a medal or two before he retires. Great move!
  12. Strange at the start - not sure who they were but sadly the old man on the left and the goalkeeper who cannot catch a ball are still there. 1-0 at half time is still not as bad as before Chrsitmas. Just have to hope that Bultter keeps as quiet for the second half or we will still be in trouble.... At least it's nice to be back folks - hope you are all having a hapopy new year!.
  13. PS Have always liked younf Selke - hope his year is good!
  14. OK so have it now - sent it early as I was not sure where I would be today, but at home so easy to log in! Not sure I can wait for the restart, but the PL is OK for now - not quite the same though! Special best wishes to Tommy and Nudge - long time together and hope it continues.
  15. Strange that - I remember Benedict sayijng that to Mesut in my English Conversation class first day when they were asking why they were there.....
  16. I am really trying hard to think what we have done do wrong that anyone wold even think of bringing Magrat back. Sorry Tommy, it's not fun and that idea is certainly not funny. We are already short of money and his was always a desire to fleece the club as much as possible which would suggest he will not even consider coming back as we have none left!!!!! Aws for nudge, at no time in her darkest days have I ever given an indication that I was hapopy with that - not fair on her to be way way now. There is enough pain around without our 'friends' giving us more
  17. Here's a bit of good news for City fans who are on hold with the injury to Kalvin P. Read the Wifi page on Mike Lampkowski. I took a young lad named Steve Tinker to Middleborough for the first UK op using the dacron ligament and both he and Mike successfully played again. Some guy called Robson had the same thing on a shoulder problem with success so Kalvin's present injury could well benefit from the Keio Ligament (sometimes called the Leeds-Keio) which might be a good name for KP. Mike was told that the Japanese 'inventor' had used it on Cows as an experiment and when he tried to damege the resulting fibre insert, he actually broke the Cow's leg first before the ligament. Hope someone in charge picks up on this as a possible solution.
  18. Still alive - still here and will be travelling to Germany on 13 October for a 'fest' in Herne Should be able to get in the weekend game provided 04 get things sorted by then - at the moment I have kept quiet due to the dismal perfomances and ineptness on all sides culminating in Saturday's 11 against 10 great showing in Stuttgart. regards to all - especially nudge and tommy - stay safe people!
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    Thanks - I'll keep it!
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    Having transferred my collection of 45's to CD's (app 72,000 titles) I have now found one which somehow I never sold. Its an old Col Us 45 of Mary Martin and Son Larry (Hagman) in the original Columbia paper sleeve and probably has been played no more than three times - not quite mint but nearly! Anyone any idea whether it is of any value?
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