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  1. Ooh Max Meyer plays in Denmark now? Quite weird how quickly his career went downhill. Looks like he's on his way to become the next Marko Marin. Chasing paychecks in small football countries. That is the most unlike comment I have ever read from Tommy - he of all should know that the next Marco is already playing and being ignored -especially by Euro referees - lying and cheating his way for Pep at Man City - anybody else see Sterling's last 'performance' in Spain and how the ref totally ignored his actions??? Now that's the Marco we all remember and whatever. As for Max, when an experienced Manager with a huge chip on his shoulder from Italy in the 90's trashes a young guy by sitting him on the bench for 2 seasons it is easy to see how confidence has been drained and he needs time to recover - more that most when cheating and lying is not even slightly in his make-up -either in the Class as a Kid or on the field as an adult. I know I have stuck with him as my pic tag on here in all sorts of shirts - like Tommy has stuck with Duss through good and bad times, but when they are good like this week we all can he happy for him. Max's performance in Brazil should at least give all German fans something to remember him by - not the recent problems caused by others. As for the paycheck? be careful! Not for me to tell the facts when he is keeping that away from the media - but then I have always hated 'fake news'. Sorry , my young friend, but I can't stay silent on this one no more than I could when Tedesco tried to trash him and Leon and Magrat caused tears in the eyes of Manuel and Ivan. I know neither of us are Bayern fans, but what Leon achived after what Tedesco did to him has been brilliant, but then he always was a bit a of a 'hard' kid! Nice to see Tedesco getting his at the moment...... sei nett
  2. Just another piece of info - Max's first full match (all 90 minutes) was great this week and a 3-1 win as well! Given time and chance his ability is still very much there!
  3. So we are up! The difference in the goal tally is a problem for Werder - they whould be OK but Hamburg could steal it if they are not careful. Will be in the US this time next week so will have to watch from afar, but will have to have my stick with me to make sure i can see what will be happening. There's still that chance that Werde could pinch the title and we could lose at Nurnberg so the fat lady has still to sing... (I'll explain that later if you wish) Take care all and - of course - sei nett!
  4. SchalkeUK


    Thanks - I'll keep it!
  5. I know there is a good relationship with Nurnberg, but nudge is correct - the title is not yet decided and today I will be wathching Werder take another 3 pounts. Thanks Michael for your comments, but apart from Terrode we have only a couple of other guys who will not die in BL1 - Bullter was his usual total garbage again and as our second 'best' forward his performance just about sums up our problems to come! Our better defenders were sat on the side yesterday - not sure why, but the 0-2 start was well deserved by St Pauli but I thought the schieds. was going to run out of yellow cards! Time to go to Sky2!
  6. SchalkeUK


    Having transferred my collection of 45's to CD's (app 72,000 titles) I have now found one which somehow I never sold. Its an old Col Us 45 of Mary Martin and Son Larry (Hagman) in the original Columbia paper sleeve and probably has been played no more than three times - not quite mint but nearly! Anyone any idea whether it is of any value?
  7. I've tried hard to keep out of this sort of situation, but the next two weeks are very important to all in BL2 and the supporters need to stay realistic and accept what will be (Que Sera). Sadly the level of discussion here lately has descended into face-book garbage language and I have always tried to believe that those who post on here are far better than that. nudge's guys are the opposition - not the Putins of the football world - and they suffer as we all do after games like that this wekend - they did it to us last week but somehow, we got over it. Two weeks to go and they will need all of us to believe that the future next season will be better - most of us will need to seriously look to strengthen what we have otherwise we will be back down again, but for now let's try and enjoy the moment which might come in 14 days time. My e-mails from the guys I had at Bergerfeld still end the same way my Lego kids on Saturday mornings say as they leave - to all of you simply sie nett!
  8. I've had lots of very clever young guys who get knocked back and then fail vital exams - usually due to bad leadership - either from Teachers or Parents. It takes a long time to correct that and similar situation at work - including footy - can do the same to a guy's confidence level - he starts to believe that he can't do things which earlier came almost naturally to him. You don't captain a national team in Brazil in the final and then sit on the bench for three seasons without losing your 'mojo'. Sadly, football is full of similar situations - Gaza probably being the worst. I still hope that young Max can get his back!
  9. Seriously I reckon that the last two games for 04 are far harder than the 2 for Werder. I cannot see us getting 6 points from St Pauli and Nurnberg and Werder should get all 6 from Erz and Regensb. Either way the top 2 positions should be ours but staying up with the present squads will be no easy matter. Anyone got any good (young) players they want to off-load?
  10. What a crazy crazy evening - Werder played just like 04 last week, 04 played like 04 and scraped through and the rest threw away all they had earned earlier. Don;t even try and guess what happens next week!
  11. Max was in school with Mesut and after Roy's disgusting treament he went to be with his old mate. To try and get some confidence back he is trying to get back to form in Denmark, but once again he spends more time on the bench than on the field. C'est la vie!
  12. Apologies for not being around and finally dropping off the bottom of the table. At my age having to cover gaps in Schools and Bradford Uni for exams plus my Lego Kids stint on Saturdays is keeping me very busy but hopefully next season will be better after the nasty goes away a bit more. Stay safe you guys and enjoy the Summer Break! sei nett!
  13. Well done to nudge and her gang! Deserved the victory and my only worry is that on this sort of performance, 04 will be hammered if we finally get back up - only St Pauli's game to come could stop that, but the men in green will take the title - and on yesterday;'s performace they deserved it. Sorry for their ex players in Norwich who will be going in the opposite direction. No doubt that again Buskens has proved that he should be given a longer chance to sort things out - and keep faith with the kids rather than the old guys who, yesterday, let him down. Terrode has to be excused as he has been good all season but lack of mid-field decent players is his main problem. Bullter, Drexler and a few others should be looking around for a new home after May as they are so inconsistent that in the BL they will be totally exposed. Just hoping that Hertha led by Magrat will join BL2 and the idiot at Leipzig got his deserved result yesterday - both ex 04 guys and both bear some responsibility for the present problems whilst the players they 'tossed aside' are thriving elsewhere. Saw Slomka on TV yesterday - he is still in a world of his own - Mesut is still smiling at the idiot giving him a chance at Bremen with Diego - must be one of the worst decisions in the past 20 years - as Sonny and Cher put it - the beat goes on........ Never mind - Eid next week for all my Bergefeld kids to enjoy! I will spend the evening drinking Coke and Lilt and looking forward to another visit to the US in Mid May. Sei nett you all! - Take care nudge and Tommy and hope to see you in July!
  14. The more this season continues, the better I feel it is not to post anything at the moment - everytime any of us seems to say something positive, our guys (and gals) do the opposite thing. This week will be interesting, but I have not been able to guarantee a ticket for the game against nusge's green men next week so I will have to rely on SkyDe again. No point in spending cash on an air ticket if I have to sit in the hotel and watch it! I really have no idea which two are going up and who will giught it out for the third place - my only wish is that Magrat trashes Hertha and gets what he always deserves. Sad that Tedesco did that to BVB but then he didn't do anyhting other than stand a watch the real men perform - trouble is he will take the credit for teh result. Sadly you all missed the 27th so Manu and Atsuto and I celebrated in silence..... That's a first time for ages..... Tschuss meine Freunde (und Freundin) und wie immer - sie nett!
  15. Surprise - 3-0 victory and we look like a different team under new guidance - now Leeds have started the same and gone in front - could be a really good day!
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