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  1. I think one of the reasons why the 04 total is so high is my own experience. I first went to Germany in 1949 to Castrop-Rauxel which is well away from Gelsenkirchen, but all the boys I met there of my age were 'knappen' and these day most of my friends in Herne are likewise 04 supporters. Even on the outskirts of Dortmund there are many wearing blue rather than the BVB colours - for some reason 04 has more of a 'Ruhr' feeling than some of the others - I meet up with fans in Bochum and even in Tommy's homeland. Some of my local kids here in W Yorkshire are only 5 miles from Leeds but are Citizens and solid Man City fans. I even have two lovers of the Pied Piper story and have become firm Werder supporters as a result. Its kids like me who start at 11 or less who stay with it which build up the list - through thick or thin - nudge is typical of that long-term devoted support which whatever the 'coach of the day' does to us we stay as Olivia NJ used to sing - 'Hopelessly Devoted'! As for the shopping cart I have just been to Tesco and without a £1 coin I was given a little blue plastic chip which worked and are all over for free - now I know why their trollies are all over rather than having to get the £1 back - daft really!
  2. I sometimes have a problem similar to that expressed by nudge! Veltins which I have bought both in the US and drunk from Fass at Lake Garda always tastes differently from that poured fresh in the Arena. It is hard to find in the UK and again it seems not to travel well - fresh it is as good as most I have come across. Perhaps one day I will be able to sit with her near the nordkurv and enjoy the freshly brewed Stadium offer! If that happens we will have to arrange different seating if she wants to wear her green scarf
  3. Mainz - Köln 2-2 Bayern - Union 5-1 Hertha BSC - Hoffenheim 2-2 Freiburg - Leipzig 1-2 Schalke - Dortmund 0-3 Paderborn - Düsseldorf 0-2 Leverkusen - Bremen 2-2 Wolfsburg - Augsburg 1-2 Gladbach - Frankfurt 1-1
  4. Saturday 26th October, 2019 Western Sydney Wanderers vs Sydney FC, 09.30 2-2 Sheff Weds vs Leeds, 12.30 1-2 Gil Vicente vs Portimonense, 15.30 1-1 Genoa vs Brescia, 19.45 2-0 Sunday 27th October, 2019 Wellington Phoenix vs Perth Glory, 05.00 1-0 Swansea vs Cardiff, 12.00 2-1 Granada vs Real Betis, 13.00 3-1 Ajax vs Feyenoord, 15.45 3-0 Roma vs AC Milan, 17.00 2-2 PSG vs Marseille, 20.00 2-1 Really wanted to cheat, but decided to predict before nudge posted her ideas
  5. I have been keeping quiet here rather than comment on how DW is handling things, but now he might have a new challenge! The one bright light in his selections - young Amin Harit - has been playing so well - too well - that FCB are looking to make a bid in the next window in January - so my latest texts from there suggest! With Ivan likely to be leaving perhaps Amin is being considered as the replacement!
  6. Saturday 19th October, 2019 Central Coast Mariners vs Newcastle Jets, 09.30 2-1 Newport vs Scunthorpe 1-2 Rotherham vs Oxford 2-1 St Mirren vs St Johnstone 0-2 Atletico Madrid vs Valencia 2-2 Metz vs Nantes, 19.00 2-1 Sunday 20th October, 2019 Melbourne City vs Adelaide, 06.00 3-1 Alaves vs Celta Vigo, 11.00 0-2 Philadelphia vs New York Red Bulls, 20.00 1-2 Flamengo vs Fluminense, 23.00 2-2
  7. Frankfurt - Leverkusen 2-1 Leipzig - Wolfsburg 2-1 Bremen - Hertha BSC 2-1 Düsseldorf - Mainz 1-0 Augsburg - Bayern 0-3 Union - Freiburg 1-2 Dortmund - Gladbach 3-2 Köln - Paderborn 2-1 Hoffenheim - Schalke 1-1
  8. SchalkeUK

    Where have all the Captains gone?

    Thanks to all for making this a worthwhile comment - just to mention that when Stevie G took over the captaincy of England from JT it all went to pot which is in no way a criticism of Stevie's playing capability! I still believe a good captain is needed for the success of any team. I am old enough to remember those who were around with Bobby Moore - even the mad (on the pitch) Scotsman at Elland Road - and no one argued with him! He was a perfect gent often in the bar in the City Hotel in Leeds
  9. This week has seen some strange results and I am getting the feeling that there is one common factor causing teams to under-perform - Anyone else agree with the thought that a) Germany are suffering due to Kimmich being too young - but an obvious choice, but Philip Lahm's leadership is missing b) What would John Terry have done to England in Prague? c) Vincent Kompany would never have let Man City lose that game last week d) Man U are over the place like headless chickens at times e) Spurs are likewise suffering from a lack of direction on the pitch f) Bayern - minus Lahm are likewise not with it at present g) My lot have a new, decent tough talking coach, but on the field can be woeful in the discipline arena h) Kloppy has got Van Dyke - 'nuff said! Are these the ponderings of an ageing brain or is footy suffering as much as the Johnson/Trump world around us?
  10. Surprised you missed the best bit in Aachen - liverbird and I visited there for the 04 friendly and opposite the ground is a Restaurant with not only superb choices of International Buffet food, but a range of bottles to make even your eyes water - should have tried it! And the roads were all in perfect order!!!
  11. SchalkeUK

    Germany National Team Discussion

    Great pity that last night's game against Argentina was not only 45 minutes. The young members of the team started as if Low's problems were beginning to seem less difficult, but the fading of performance in the latter half was not good. The Kahn, Koch, Sule trio looked good whilst the forwards were keeping possession but taking off the best two was not a good idea and the visitors were able to find lots of holes at the back. More work needed and other players to be included - why?, on his home ground was Reus not used when Havertz and Gnabry were taken off? Low still has work to do - not only on the field but in his own mind!
  12. He is an ideal candidate for the MLS franchises - loads of experience - somewhat past his best but - if he gets his head sorted out - a great asset for younger players to listen to and help them progress - not sure where that fits in Europe these days, but US and China would be a good way to end his playing career - not my fav person, but he has a lot to offer the younger guys! I keep reminding folks of the Diego/Mesut adventure at Bremen - it was probably the best example of what Muller could do!
  13. Good for him - always difficult when a club rejects a young promising player and lets him go out on loan - great to see him and Sancho proving pep wrong for a change! and young Matondo could be joining them after his game last week - Johnny Kenny is proving what idiots Everton are - particularly after his performance with 04 and lest week diabolical Everton defensive performance. More power to the kids for not letting those decisions undermine their confidence. Just hope Zack has an off day on the 11th of next month
  14. The last 2 weeks I posted the fixtures and the TV coverage in UK, De, Nl and Fr - is it worth continuing that and, if so, any other countries I have access to could be included if anyone wishes it