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  1. SchalkeUK

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    Before I leave for holiday just one final comment after Chadwell's post. Tonnies has to be sorted by the Schalke hierarchy - not leave it to someone else - to do so would lessen any respect from those not part of the Club. The solution has to be internal - and nothing to fear from outside sources if they act correctly and positively. Bis später and Sei nett!
  2. SchalkeUK

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    Para 8 and 9 of the Schalke Mission Statement for those who are no aware of the ideals: 8. As Schalker we reject discrimination and violence. We show racism the red card and actively promote tolerance and fairness. 9. Our collective goal is sporting success. In pursuit of this goal, however, no one may endanger the existence of our club or violate the values set forth in this mission statement. Just read Gerald's latest comments - it was almost certain the Guy would be somewhat sad!
  3. SchalkeUK

    Tönnies - go or stay?

    I could have put money on the fact that Tommy would have the decency to be the first to reply - I know where my next two hunches sit!
  4. Saturday 10th August, 2019 Fulham 2 vs Blackburn 1 Ipswich 0vs Sunderland 2 Ajax 4 vs FC Emmen 1, 18.45 Dijon 2 vs St-Etienne 1, 19.00 Sao Paulo 1vs Santos 3, 21.00 Seattle 1vs New England 1Revolution Benfica 3vs Pacos de Ferreira 0, 21.30 Sunday 11th August, 2019 St. Mirren 0vs Aberdeen 3 PSG 3vs Nimes 0, 20.00 Atlanta 2vs NYCFC 2, 21.00
  5. Wear your BL hat, wear your team colours or even wear your political hat, the TFF colleagues must all have an opinion on the remarks made by Tonnies last Thursday. He has apologised which is not the first time his mouth has runaway with his brain or reasoning and there have many times when his position at 04 has been questioned - players being bullied and forced out and Managers over-ruled because he simply didn't agree with them! His self-belief is probably driven by his idea that if Trump can get away with, so can he for Trump's Us Power is similar to his in Gelsenkirchen! This time God has gone too far and the remarks are not only inappropriate (vile if you like) but reflect on all of us 04 supporters and whilst - like every club - we have our Ultras and 'problem children', the rest of us don't love BVB or Bayern, but we don't hate them either - like the rest of humanity they are what makes our challenges possible and we respect that without them we would be playing pre-season friendlies in February! How Tonnies can say what he did when he spends time with a super guy like Gerald on a daily basis - a guy who is totally respected everywhere in the region and the game, and Tonnies' support from Leroy's dad and - in the past - Julian's family - how he can think such things is deplorable and for me - should be the last comment he ever makes before 'sorry, I'm going' at the next Board Meeting. Let's see who stands up for respect, honesty and the real values of the BL and humanity!
  6. Whoever and whichever you support that was not a bad game at all with which to start the season - it must reduce the BVB odds already on winning the title! and no Ribery or Robben to come and with this back line, Leroy will not be the answer - his game will not fit the way they played today - Bayern will have to look elsewhere - and quickly!
  7. SchalkeUK

    Bumbling Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

    The EU Constitution allows for Article 50 to be instigated and for it to be cancelled - there is no recourse to refuse to accept it again although for certain the regulations would be changed afterwards if someone tried it once. On the basis that no one in Brussels wants a 'no deal' departure there may well be acceptance of further negotiations which have been ruled out at present, but which would have to start afresh (include old ideas or not) if 50 was invoked for a second time. May's red lines - it can be argued - were there to stop the whole process being agreed and we are at an impasse at the moment - Boris will not get a no deal finale through Parliament and could well lose his job if he pursues it so something has to give somewhere - as the last paragraph usually says - now read on...... As a final thought, one thing is certain - the present 'cabinet' thinking is made up of members who, frankly, are living in Cloud-Cuckoo land and have not the slightest idea what to do without Boris shouting at them. Some even believe he has a majority at Westminster and that the DUP will not do a Gove and push the knife deep into his back if it suits them! As for FOM that is a fantasy - we have never had that only a Home Office which is and never has been fit for purpose - the Aussie Idea would work fine here - if we had anybody with the capability of processing it! Without that our food would rot in the fields every year and our hospitals would be full of sick people and no one to look after them!
  8. SchalkeUK

    Bumbling Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

    With the greatest respect to Sir Balon , the people voted not for any of the real reasons - most of which like Customs Union were never ever mentioned during the discussions, they voted for Johnson's and Gove's lies and the big number on the Bus - a bit like the 30's in Germany!
  9. SchalkeUK

    Bumbling Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

    Cancel Article 50, then one week later invoke it anew (EU rules do not preclude that being possible) and take 95% of May's deal cancel the rest and add in a Norway/Canada style agreement on customs - no full customs union but it works for them and that would not require a NI border or backstop - or am I being naïve?
  10. SchalkeUK

    Bumbling Boris Johnson New Prime Minister

    Keep the faith! The 'majority' if it exists is apparently now down to one!
  11. SchalkeUK

    Breaking News - General Chat

    The problem is it would be up to the Local Authorities (Councils) to issue the licence and how many people would come home after applying and find they have been given a dog licence - which would only allow them to bark and wee on trees?
  12. Game over and with a very good free kick from Oczpika (surprise) a 3-1 victory. For Rando I am sorry to say (as he lost him this close season) Johnny has been the real class player today for 04 - great defence, excellent distribution which led to the first goal, and looking very fit and sharp - cannot see how DW can leave him out of the team on this showing. As for the rest, there are signs that whatever David is doing, it seems to be getting a much more team performance from players who last season were virtual soloists under Tedesco's terrible regime. I leave on Tuesday and although my tablet will work in the US I'm not sure if I will be able to post so we will have to see. All the best to all for the start of a new season - Pokal and all!!
  13. Another day, another game and as I seem to be somewhat solo here not sure if posting anything re the game is of any use - for what it's worth, Burgstaller has scored a goal laid on a plate and received three other passes - all three offside as usual and he is the only forward walking around whilst the others seem very fit and are pressing the Villareal defence. Kenny looks to be in a different class to the rest and the left side of Oz and Nasty let the Villareal goal in and any attacks are coming down their side - obviously noted as the weak area. Harit looks fit, but has twice gone down without contact and conned the ref into giving two fouls - I hope he stops this as the BL refs are wise to it and he will be in trouble. Nothing new learned today other than the 04 players look fitter and sharper than they have been for over a year. Back to Sport 1 for another 45minutes! 3 minutes after the restart - brilliant run - very fast - from Harit and Boujellab able to keep up and finish for one of 04's best goals for ages!
  14. He's white and going to America. He'll be fine..... Starting in Canada - then ship to St Lawrence and down to NY and then to NC to see No 1 Daughter and if, by then I am still white, my missus will be unhappy and make me sit in the Raleigh heat until I join the rest of my local young friends and become part of the Bharatanatyam group
  15. Sadly I am away in US for weeks 2 and 3 and would be eliminated, but if I am allowed I have Spurs for Week 1, Arsenal for Week 2 and Wolves for week 3 it just might be acceptable and keep my seat warm until September. Whatever the decision best of luck to all!