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  1. Just a thought for nudge - did you get the impression that this Bayern performance was almost the same as the poor National game against Spain - something is not right somewhere!
  2. Difficult to watch 04 on Fox 3 when Fox 4 next door has the 1-1 great performance from nudge's guys - at least there was some good stuff but without Ronnow, Wolfsburg would have been in double figures!
  3. As you know I am not the worst Bayern fan, but I still have a soft spot for your little green men - so fingers are crossed!
  4. That must be a response to Herr Hennings this lunchtime! Ah well back to my fav Fox channel for 45 more minutes of pain!
  5. Now that's just what I was thinking too!
  6. Saturday 21st November, 2020 Hibernian vs Celtic 1-2 Besiktas vs Istanbul Basaksehir, 16.00 1-3 RB Salzburg vs Sturm Graz, 16.00 2-0 Young Boys vs Basel, 19.30 4-1 Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, 20.00 2-1 Sunday 22nd November, 2020 Nantes vs Metz, 12.00 1-2 Rangers vs Aberdeen, 12.00 3-0 Twente vs PSV, 15.45 2-2 Napoli vs AC Milan, 19.45 1-3 Sporting Kansas City vs San Jose Earthquakes, 21.00 3-0
  7. Saturday 21st November, 2020 Aston Villa vs Brighton 2-1 Man Utd vs West Brom, 20.00 3-1 Newcastle vs Chelsea, 12.30 1-2 Tottenham vs Man City, 17.30 1-3 Sunday 22nd November, 2020 Fulham vs Everton, 12.00 1-2 Leeds vs Arsenal, 16.30 2-2 Liverpool vs Leicester, 19.15 3-2 Sheff Utd vs West Ham, 14.00 0-2 Monday 23rd November, 2020 Burnley vs Crystal Palace, 17.30 2-1 Wolves vs Southampton, 20.00 2-2
  8. SchalkeUK

    Music List Game

    No - we were not messing it up - There are great songs from our teenage years which have been brought back and younger folk do not know they are so old. Adding to their musical knowledge is just another part of increasing their experience and because of our age we used the older music to compete against the modern entries. My collection at present runs to line 55613 on my Excel base of titles, but they are part of my life, work, history and in the present state of lock-down are what keep me and some of my old friends sane! I have a number of mates who are suffering from Dementure and Aitzheimers and sending them CD's of our old 50's youth club dance nights is the only thing they can remember - music has far more use than just temporary pleasure - don't knock it and today's videos are nothing new - check out Selig and Wenn ich wollte - that might not get through nowadays and as for 'Verpisst dich' it only shows that we can overcome the years and still appreciate things like 'Creep' and if Gianna Nanini can get away with her Maaschi then bring it on! In 1959 I sat in a bar in LA with Guy Mitchell, Johnny Mathis and Danny Rap (Danny of the Juniors) total cross section of religion, ethnic origins and plain nut-cases but with music as their common bond there was no thought of 'Black lives Matter' simply that 'all lives matter'. Russian, German, French and other European composers gave us a great 19th Century of music and the 21st can be just as brilliant if we accept each other's choices and respect that. I met another young guy in the 50's - Charlie Gracie - and his 'I Love you so much' is 'till something I play often - it reminds me of what we all try to hide - and shouldn't!
  9. Bayern - Bremen 4-1 Gladbach - Augsburg 3-1 Hoffenheim - Stutt gart 2-2 Schalke - Wolfsburg 0-3 Bielefeld - Leverkusen 1-2 Frankfurt - Leipzig 1-3 Hertha BSC - Dortmund 0-2 Freiburg - Mainz 2-1 Köln - Union 1-2
  10. Saturday 7th November, 2020 Huesca vs Eibar, 13.00 2-3 Fenerbahce vs Konyaspor, 16.00 2-1 Benevento vs Spezia, 17.00 1-1 Sunday 8th November, 2020 Lazio vs Juventus, 11.30 1-3 Rapid Vienna vs RB Salzburg, 16.00 1-2 Dynamo Moscow vs Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Lyon vs St Etienne, 20.00 2-0 Valencia vs Real Madrid, 20.00 2-2 New York Red Bulls vs Toronto FC, 20.30 3-1 Vancouver Whitecaps vs LA Galaxy, 23.30 1-3
  11. Bremen - Köln 2-1 Leipzig - Freiburg 3-0 Union - Bielefeld 2-1 Mainz - Schalke 1-2 Augsburg - Hertha BSC 1-2 Stuttgart - Frankfurt 2-2 Dortmund - Bayern 1-3 Wolfsburg - Hoffenheim 2-2 Leverkusen - Gladbach 1-3
  12. Friday 6th November, 2020 Brighton vs Burnley, 17.30 2-1 Southampton vs Newcastle, 20.00 2-2 Saturday 7th November, 2020 Chelsea vs Sheff Utd, 17.30 3-1 Crystal Palace vs Leeds, 17.00 1-3 Everton vs Man Utd, 12.30 2-0 West Ham vs Fulham, 20.00 3-1 Sunday 8th November, 2020 Arsenal vs Aston Villa, 19.15 1-1 Leicester vs Wolves, 14.00 2-1 Man City vs Liverpool, 16.30 1-2 West Brom vs Tottenham, 12.00 0-3
  13. Our latest 2 Austrians have not been doing very well at all and Christian has probably been one of best players from the South. It has been both annoying and great to see that he has proved the idiots upstairs at Gelsenkirchen so wrong as to how he has played in Walker Land and is only symptomatic of the long list of super guys we have practically given away over the past few years. I can get nothing but a 'wry' smile from the Anfield area when the latest 'news' is being considered, but we may be about to do it again. If you want to see why he is such a great guy just visit the little town half-way between Graz and Vienna - the folk there are great and CF is one of their local legends by now. Yes - our loss etc....
  14. Under normal circumstances the start of this season would probably have produced 4 points - the next few game could see a difference. Baum has to concentrate on the left side of defence where it has been rubbish for a long time - even as far back as letting Fuchs go to Leicester. The desire to play continually in the wrong direction by Nastasic and Ozcpika is frustrating any efforts up front, but Stutty are a different prospect. A poor performance on Friday and the doom predictors will be right - to let Ocz rant on the 04 pages about how better they should be is farcical and totally unrealistic (for 'they' read 'I'). Baum need to assert himself as he did with the German youngsters or -yes - his tenure will be one of the shortest on record and no one will be surprised. The kids can no way be worse than these two old men on the left so let's go! Oh and one final thought - who on earth would take the job if Baum were to be dismissed?
  15. Saturday 31st October, 2020 Bristol City vs Norwich, 12.30 2-2 Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla 1-2 Rennes vs Brest, 16.00 2-1 Inter Milan vs Parma, 17.00 3-1 Bologna vs Cagliari, 19.45 1-1 Corinthians vs Internacional, 22.00 3-1 Sunday 1st November, 2020 St Etienne vs Montpellier, 12.00 1-1 Sturm Graz vs LASK, 16.00 3-1 Sampdoria vs Genoa, 19.45 2-0 Columbus Crew vs Philadelphia Union, 20.30 1-4