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  1. Don't you think it would be a better idea to post it before your night out - heaven knows what the results might be after a night on the razz!
  2. Interesting to see the face of Tonnies during last evening's game. I wonder when he will make his move and start to look for DW's replacement. David is having the same problem now which caused his demise at Huddersfield. He is being let down by certain players on the field - not necessarily on purpose, but due to lack of ability, yet he stays with them out of a sort of loyalty and, as a result, suffers as each game goes by. There are better players in the squad that some of those who played yesterday - young Alex has his head firmly in a Bayern cloud and is losing concentration in every game and if the new kid is not fit the then old - more reliable -guy on the bench should be used as Alex is letting him down game by game. Ozcipka has been solid and good member of the team until November and since then his game has gone the same way as that of Burgstaller and is, at present, not fit for purpose. Little surprise that with constant back-passing and sideways playing at the back that Harit is looking like just another player and the front three are standing waiting for some decent supply. With Koln, Hoffenheim and BVB the next three BL games - and Bayern in between in the Cup match - the future is not looking good - particularly with Koln playing as they are at the moment. March will be a pivotal month in the 04 future! I have always - since the 1990's - had a wish to support DW but I am fearing the worst if he fails to address the real problems at present. BVB, Liverpool, Man U and others are giving the kids their chances - the old guard has to step aside and let's see what the youngsters can do - or if not Tonnies needs to release serious cash to build a better squad - or better still, get the hell out of there!
  3. Tommy - great day for you - have one for me after this rubbish I have just watched. No need to say anything as it would only be repeating my comments from last week and the week before and.....
  4. SchalkeUK

    2. Bundesliga - 2019/20 Chat

    Or Kyriakos! (assuming his quarantine is over!)
  5. I do hope JK was watching the game at Spurs last night. The old De La Mere poem is just nearly correct - " I wandered lonely as a cloud , that drifts and roams on fields of green, the ball came to me once or twice, but mostly I was hardly seen" - a typical performance from the scorer who will be remembered for his goal and - as is his normal form these days - little else. Lowe has not been impressed with his National team performances and without Poulson his goal tally is hardly increasing. Not at all the sort of person for the Anfield crew to be spending money on - and I have watched him all this and many past seasons. Nice guy, but........
  6. I know Stan is not normally a devious person, but suggesting we kick off 2 hours after the correct time on Saturday is perhaps his way of saving my blushes at being humbled by Leipzig
  7. SchalkeUK

    First Goal

    Robert in the 7th minute!
  8. Bayern - Paderborn 5-0 Gladbach - Hoffenheim 2-2 Bremen - Dortmund 1-3 Hertha BSC - Köln 2-2 Freiburg - Düsseldorf 2-1 Schalke - Leipzig 1-2 Leverkusen - Augsburg 2-1 Wolfsburg - Mainz 3-0 Frankfurt - Union 2-0
  9. At the moment he is probably having difficulty in finding any player on present form worth nominating so pick the one who's definitely leaving
  10. SchalkeUK

    First Goal

    7th minute
  11. Sad thing is he was picked as the Schalke man in the BL players list - says what they think of the rest of them, but the defence today was better with Jonny back!
  12. But not as dumb as those in the blue shirts to-day - the first time I can recall seeing a player take a throw in and put it straight on the head of an opponent - just about says Ocz's day!