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  1. Gee thanks nudgey - just seen what you have done and you didn't even change my 04 prediction....
  2. I know this is the wrong thread, but at least it works the BL prediction thread is blocked for me for some reason.
  3. Karlsruhe - Darmstadt 3-1 Paderborn - Nürnberg 1-1 Hannover - Rostock 2-0 Regensburg - Sandhausen 2-1 Ingolstadt - Heidenheim 0-3 Düsseldorf - Bremen 2-2 Kiel - Schalke 0-4 Hamburg - Dresden 2-2 Aue - St. Pauli 1-2
  4. I have been trying to posy my scores for over 6 hours and the site is refusing to accept the post - not sure what else I can do - other than hope this gets through. If it does and you are OK I will try and message you my scores and maybe you can post them. I am away tomorrow until Saturday by then it will be too late.
  5. Not sure what to make of that first half - the battle between Sandhausen and F95 seems to take second place to the verbals between Hennings and Testroet seems more important - not sure what happened, but it's keeping Hennings more occupied! Possesion in the second half needs to improve and like Fridays game, when they get it - keep it........
  6. Glad to see the Physios are insisting on the change - bad head bang like that should not be ignored, but a loss to F95 for the moment
  7. having rouble again with odd posts: 1: Thanks Tommy for the 'wow' but I'm sure folks here know you never do anything by halves - always totally committed like your mate Rouwen - hope he has a great season. As rfar as the game is concerned I can find it on Sky DE Sportklub 4 in Croatia and Serbia, HDtv strems and HESgol so Eco might be able to join in
  8. Timo to Chelsea is the exact opposite thinking of Leon to Man U. Leon will thrive in the tough atmosphere in the PL, Timo was never hard or harsh enough to do that - even the way they look at opposition guys is a scary difference - like blowing a kiss or punching you in the Bxxxs. Leon and Harry would be frightening! With his attitude to correctness, he and Marcus could start a revolution together!
  9. Since when did the word 'little' apply to anything you did?
  10. I'll agree with the 'go' bit - not sure about the adjective! -maybe he meant it as an adverb though! Oh and as an added question I have lost contact with my picture young man - anybody seen him lately?
  11. We will have to wait and see what Tommy's lot do today, but interesting that nudge says the above after watching 04 with only one of last season's players making the same - or similar - mistakes and losing out. Not sure which is the better idea. perhaps we should swap half of ours with half of hers and try that!!! Maybe a session during which they sit down and introduce each other so that next time they take the pitch they know the guy with the ball and acan get some idea of what to do with it rather than give it away all the time. Some decisions strange too - leaving out Becker and young Eggestein seemed daft to me, particularly after their pre-season games, but then we are only some of those on the side and don't count anyway. I'm looking to Fortuna to get their act together and score a load - life will then start to get back to something like normal - if anybody doubts what a strange start this is just check out predictions in the BL2 thread - with rubbish like that who the heck are we to comment!
  12. Just in case anyone thought it was going to be easy. Still we will not have to get past many better keepers than the HSV guy tonight - he deserved to be on the winning side. Just have to wait until this new lot get to know each other a bit better - they were strangers in the night at times.
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