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  1. Saturday 6th March, 2021 Spezia vs Benevento, 14.00 2-2- Millwall vs Blackburn 1-2 Ross County vs Kilmarnock 2-2 Twente vs Willem II, 17.45 2-0 Sunday 7th March, 2021 Wellington Phoenix vs Perth Glory, 05.05 1-3 Dundee Utd vs Celtic, 12.00 1-2 Verona vs AC Milan, 14.00 0-2 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid, 15.15 2-2 Austria Vienna vs Rapid Vienna, 16.00 2-1 Galatasaray vs Sivasspor, 16.00 3-0
  2. Saturday 6th March, 2021 Burnley vs Arsenal, 12.30 1-3 Sheff Utd vs Southampton 1-2 Aston Villa vs Wolves, 17.30 1-3 Brighton vs Leicester, 20.00 1-2 Sunday 7th March, 2021 West Brom vs Newcastle, 12.00 2-1 Liverpool vs Fulham, 14.00 3-0 Man City vs Man Utd, 16.30 4-2 Tottenham vs Crystal Palace, 19.15 2-0 Monday 8th March, 2021 Chelsea vs Everton, 18.00 2-1 West Ham vs Leeds, 20.00 3-1 Wednesday 10th March, 2021 Man City vs Southampton, 20.00 4-1
  3. SchalkeUK

    Arminia Bielefeld Sack Uwe Neuhaus

    When we were kids we used to play a strange game of cards. We divided the pack into two sets and then took it in turns to lay one down - the highest won that pair and so on until all 52 were used up. Now take one set of clubs (teams) and one set of spades (managers out of work) and then sort out who your next manager is. Bielefeld have just played their game, we are about to do the same and the old cards of old managers - irrespective of how good or bad they are - carries on floating around until they have demoralised all the clubs available and then - unlike Roy Hodgson - carry on working rather than retiring and let some real prospects have a go! Sure Kramer and Gross are in the pack of spades although when I used to see him with the U16's some years ago he seemed to know what he was doing, but - like Gross - had a problem with names and older guys! Not for us poor supporters to comment - just let the 'bosses' throw our money away although the 04 gang are now nearly 200 times worse at balancing the books than most. Simply a case of "Watch these spaces" and roll on Friday night! PS where is Slomka these days?
  4. But Knabel has been with us for almost 2 years (May) and during that time of his responsibility it is about as good as his playing career - perhaps fine in the office but... At least Gerald knows both the game and the players so all is not negative. Since May 2019 we have lost young McKennie, young Embolo, young Matondo., young Kenny, Avdijaj, Reese, Kutucu, Nubel etc etc - great direction when you look at what has come in since then! That lot may not be world-beaters, but compared to what we have left???? Not to mention Kehrer, Goretzka and Meyer!
  5. SchalkeUK

    Turning 40

    Sad that about Jeffrey - it must have been nice though, being able to feed him while you were up the Tower!
  6. Schalke - Mainz 2-0 (come on Gerald) Gladbach - Leverkusen 2-1 Hoffenheim - Wolfsburg 2-2 Freiburg - Leipzig 1-3 Frankfurt - Stuttgart 2-1 Hertha BSC - Augsburg 2-1 Bayern - Dortmund 3-1 Köln - Bremen 1-2 Bielefeld - Union 2-2 Bielefeld - Bremen (from 20th matchday) 1-2
  7. It looks as if Gerald A will take over for the time being - at least he will know which players are which and there will be more honesty around! His time with the U23s also gives him more knowledge of which younger players are capable of performing better than some of those constantly being giver second, third or fourth chances! It will now be possible to watch a game knowing that - even if they lose - they will be seriously trying not to!
  8. It's the old chicken and egg problem. When you have a team which can compete in the League you do not allow the Managers to refuse to talk to the players, even not to know the names od half of them - and then sell all the best ones or let them go on a free cos you wont talk to them leaving the next guy with poor quality stock. Once it gets to that stage, the responsibility for choosing the best 11 lies with the managers who have field to see which players are past their best, which are good at helping the younger member to get better and just turn up and spend 90 minutes picking their noses and waiting for pay day! That, briefly, is the story which Tedesco started and which Gross is finishing. It has been a gradual progression downwards (or backwards) for some time and whilst Tonnies was in charge he made it happen and the rest were scared to challenge him! If the boss at Chelsea with all his money interfered like Tonnies did, they would be fighting relegation now. Shakespeare made a comment about the State of Denmark - for Denmark read Gelsenkirchen! there are some good young players there and a year growing up in BL2 could be what they need as the finances have been so badly dealt with there is little chance of an influx of talent from outside. If Huntelaar and Mustafi can do to these kids what Diego did to Mesut in Bremen then it's worth a try but not doing anything will be even worse than what has been happening for three seasons - Why, if BVB and Werder can manage to hang on to their best youngsters are all ours playing all over Europe in teams like Bayern, Man City, Liverpool, PSG etc! - include Sassuolo if you want as well! May not be the best defender, but Tommy loved him and he is better than what they had when they let him go! - in brief it hurts a bit! Sorry - I'm off to watch Ole's youngsters sort out the London Royal Blues!
  9. Spok would point to the fact that the same group of people were responsible for the choices and got it wrong every time
  10. Respect for your understanding
  11. Sorry Inga - I have been trying to contact Thea (liverbird) and at my age, confusion is something I have to live with.....?>@_*(+
  12. My young mate Ivan has done a great Interview - due to be on TV in different countries this week. anyone in any doubt as to how footy can change a life and be worth every minute of the effort and pain should watch a superb young fellow tell his story - even the bullets as a kid is something for us all to consider how he and many others have beaten often terrible situations!
  13. Thea - you are undoubtedly a clever, intelligent person - when you were in school they sat you down with some folks known as teachers. There were times when you learned zilch and times when you became cleverer every day - the teacher was your help and inspiration, but there were always times when you kids felt let down cos the school had given you an idiot to listen to and your friends were a greater help than those oldies at the front! The fact that you got good results and some got bad ones was sometimes due to help from your mates when things were not the best in the Classroom. Players are really kids at heart and - sure you know this - kids often on the field, they cry, they try to cheat, they tell fibs but sometimes it not totally their fault. Sack the Head if he can't find a better teacher or get the Governors of the school to sort it - meantime let the kids work on their own to try and solve problems - responsible ones will do that - usually by the time they are in 6th form or year 12 onwards. Just putting the next likely looking guy in charge is like letting Roy Hodgson loose in Munich or other form of Gross mistakes. Your guys in green are coming out of a bad patch - why? Answers to the Veltins! Meantime let the 04 supporters sit quietly while their Guitars Gently weep!
  14. No No No! Clear out the present problem and let the three players look after the younger members between now and the end of the season. Relegation is virtually unavoidable and there will be time to appoint a new Manager when this season has ended and there will be more choice - and better ones available. To appoint another now on a long contract which could be as costly as all those we are still going to have to pay is plain daft! There is enough experience between Huntelaar, Mustafi and Kolasinac to be able to get some confidence back on to the field - even pick up a few points which would be nice, but not enough to save the season, but there will also be changes upstairs - which are just as necessary and a real push for promotion next year will be the target. There will be advantages to people like me - I will be able to fly again for the weekend - get decent seats without a problem in BL2 and spend two weekends with Tommy in the Kellers in Dusseldorf as we fight out two more versions of the local derby! I have spent too many negative years since the War - time to be positive - beat the Virus, beat the pessimists and keep the glass half full - even if we have to wait a few more months to find out what the Madalorian is going to get up to! - now there's an idea - I wonder if he will be available.......
  15. I spend my late evenings in bed watching Mr Blitzer before I close my eyes . He has the right idea!