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  1. I feel like Fat Sam and Rotund Rafa (did you make that up, I've never heard that but that's "kwa-lity" as Rotund Rafa would say") should be friends. Shame I suppose.
  2. Liverpool Discussion

    I like how you can tell which Chelsea fans used to be Man Utd fans until Chelsea got rich.
  3. Liverpool Discussion

    Earlier in the season I was pining for a "real" striker. Bobby just doesn't have that truly instinct in front of goal that Liverpool have long had my whole life with Rush, Fowler, Owen, Torres, Suarez (more his second season than his first). But Bobby as our #9 is growing on me for sure. He does the "defending from the front" thing better than any striker I've seen from us - even compared to Kitty (when he played as a striker - idk if I'll ever see a player exceed Kuyt's workrate when he played on the right for us). But aside from his constant pressing, he's a great playmaker... and when you've got Salah, Mané, and Coutinho that's obviously going to be valuable. I also think Bobby's improved his striker instincts as the season has gone by. And looking at how Sturridge or Solanke (although Solanke's just a kid) have done in his absence... there's a good case for him being just as important as Salah or Mané in our front 3.
  4. Morata v Lukaku v Lacazette

    Chelsea fans, does Morata improve your side? Under the traditional metric, Chelsea would have to finish above first place for him to be a signing that improves you. Since no team in the league has ever finished in 0th place, wasn't the signing a waste?
  5. That lad is never going to live that down is he?
  6. Yeah that's quite possibly going to be the highlight of that match. But Fat Sam's Rafa hate stems from us not giving him an interview and hiring Rafa - that hate might have dwindled as Rafa's reputation in this country took a beating and he's subsequently been relegated and promoted. It's not like Neil Warnock who blames Rafa for his side getting relegated because we played a weak side against Fat Sam's Bolton as we had an eye on our 2005 CL campaign. I think Rafa also turned down an offer from Fat Sam to drink wine after that match in 2005, and Fat Sam was offended... But that shite was also 12 years ago. When was the last time they played each other?
  7. I hope he does, it would be a fantastic achievement from a very good striker.
  8. Like I said, Lovren is not a thinker.
  9. Lovren's not a thinker. That was pretty fucking soft though, surprised it was given. Irritating.
  10. Mo Salah is so fucking good.
  11. I'm perfectly content with them not doing that.
  12. Everyone's bitching about our lineup, meanwhile I find it hilarious the lack of respect Klopp seems to have for the blueshite.
  13. Disagree: https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/40848343
  14. I think all transfer sagas are boring tbh. Nothing really matters until there's been a transfer, it's just a lot of bullshit most of the time to sell papers/get ad-revenue from the clicks. But I think the most boring one of all time is the Fabregas to Barca one - felt like that was talked about for at least 2 seasons.