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  1. Yeah not a great standard though
  2. Our group was also one of the weakest, not going to deny that. I don't think Porto's showing in the group stages backs up your claim about one of the best defences that's all
  3. Boxing

    Looks like Fury is free to box next year after accepting a back dated ban from UKAD. Hopefully he gets his licence back and is serious about getting back in the ring
  4. Strange claim to make for a side that conceded 10 goals in one of the weakest groups.
  5. The fuss that Allardyce made over that hand gesture did towards Alonso in 2009 when Allardyce was Blackburn manager is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen.
  6. So nothing outside of the league matters then. Sound.
  7. No, where have you got that from? Liverpool have Champions League football to contend with this year. Signing Mo Salah has certainly helped our transition into that. If we were to have a good run, say to the last 16 or last 8, does that not count towards our improvement?
  8. Strange that you keep ignoring the point about the Champions League. Does that not matter then? It's small minded to suggest that there's no other factors to consider
  9. I completely see where you're coming from. I think that resting two of the front four in a game like yesterday leaves him open to criticism though. You could argue that had Firmino started instead of Solanke for example, that Mane's miss or Lovren's brainless moment wouldn't have mattered either. Solanke offered nothing and it was unfair on him throwing him in a game like that when he's only started once in the league all season
  10. It's a combination of both, neither side is completely correct. I completely understand the need for rotation but I think Klopp could manage it better. Salah for example played 90 minutes v Spartak but then gets brought off after an hour at 1-0 in the derby.
  11. We finished fourth last season. If we do that again and have a good run in Europe and the cup is that not improvement? Salah has improved the squad. His addition means that we're no longer so reliant on Mane as we were last season
  12. Higher than third? Why? Also if Liverpool have a decent run in Europe or do well in the FA Cup does that not count as improvement?
  13. Not necessarily fit to start though
  14. Week 17 Fixtures

    Tuesday 12th December, 2017 Burnley 1-0 Stoke Crystal Palace 1-3 Watford, 20.00 Huddersfield 1-1 Chelsea, 20.00 Wednesday 13th December, 2017 Liverpool 2-0 West Brom, 20.00 Man Utd 1-1 Bournemouth, 20.00 Newcastle 1-1 Everton Southampton 0-1 Leicester Swansea 0-1 Man City Tottenham 3-0 Brighton, 20.00 West Ham 1-1 Arsenal, 20.00
  15. Robertson did ok, should have done better with the ball in some of the positions he got himself into though. Hopefully that'll come with more games