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  1. Coppa Italia - 2017/18

    Inter needed to go to the seventh round of the penalty shootout tonight to beat Pordenone after being held at 0-0 for 120 minutes at home.
  2. If only the real Alan Pardew was this self aware.
  3. As a top four club, Burnley have now earned the right to get away with diving and surrounding the referee, have guaranteed themselves a spot in the first half of Match of the Day schedule and, most importantly, now have a thread opened for them on TF365. How high can they finish this season? Can they secure 7th spot? Could they even beat Spurs to 6th place and teach them the value of making your home ground a fortress? Is Sean Dyche underrated and now someone to take more seriously? Discuss.
  4. I keep seeming to win at least as many bets as I'm losing including a few decent trebles but had one or two shocking days last week where I lost a few bets and didn't win any and somehow end up massively down as a result.
  5. Should have cashed out on all of them. Made fuck all difference to me except the Burnley goal as I had them on a 0.0, -0.5 Asian Handicap.
  6. Everton Discussion

    That gets said every year. Even moreso when we draw instead of you lot tonking us 4-0 funnily enough. I'm not even actually disagreeing with what you're saying beyond the terminology. Pack in the "drastic" and the "light years" and replace it with "below par" and "quite a distance" and you're spot on. End of this season we'll be about 8th with no trophies and no league title since the 80s and you lot will be about 4th with no trophies and no league title since the 80s. Light years of difference .
  7. Everton Discussion

    We're poor and there's a lot of shite in our squad but you're exaggerating there on every point. The squad on the whole is not awful. Martina is probably awful, Baines and Jagielka along with a few others are getting over the hill but the squad as a whole is full of decent players who have played like gash for most of this season. Light years away from the top six depends how you define light years. We've had the worst few months I can remember as an Everton fan yet we are "only" 9 points behind the bottom of the Spurs-Chelsea cluster. Plenty of work to do to get back in amongst it. We need about 4 new players throughout the side with some pace and power about them then we'll see.
  8. Time for some pointless transfer odds from Sky Bet to try and generate some speculation here. To sign for by end of January transfer window: Alexis Sanchez Man City 11/8 PSG 10/1 Islam Slimani Watford 9/2 Andy Carroll Everton 8/1 Newcastle 12/1 Steven N'Zonzi Arsenal 2/1 Everton 4/1 Daniel Sturridge West Ham 9/2 Newcastle 11/2 Danny Ings Newcastle 4/1 West Ham 7/1 Danny Rose Man Utd 5/6 Emre Can Juventus 6/1 Man City 8/1 Fernando Torres Newcastle 6/1 Southampton 8/1 Jonny Evans Arsenal 4/1 Man City 4/1 Everton 7/1 Lamine Kone Everton 3/1 West Ham 5/1 West Brom 6/1 Leon Goretzka Man Utd 6/1 Liverpool 8/1 Luke Shaw Tottenham 7/4 Newcastle 7/1 Marouane Fellaini Besiktas 5/2 West Ham 8/1 Mesut Ozil Man Utd 11/2 Barcelona 11/1 Olivier Giroud Everton 6/1 Newcastle 9/1 Phillipe Coutinho Barcelona 7/2 PSG 10/1 Riyad Mahrez Arsenal 2/1 Chelsea 8/1 Ross Barkley Tottenham 2/1 Chelsea 4/1 Ryan Bertrand Man City 13/8 Ryan Sessegnon Tottenham 5/2 Liverpool 8/1 Theo Walcott West Ham 7/2 Everton 9/2 Thomas Lemar Arsenal 6/1 Liverpool 6/1 Virgil Van Dijk Liverpool 6/4 Man City 9/2
  9. Everton Discussion

    I expect we will be the 7th best team for the rest of the season even if we don't get back there in the table. Last few games our players have actually performed at their expected level instead of drastically below. Lo and behold we've picked up 3 wins and a draw in four games. Who'd have thought.
  10. Need to be beating these. Don't think the match will be as poor as some will expect but no classic either.
  11. Freiburg 1-2 Gladbach Hamburg 1-1 Frankfurt Mainz 1-3 Dortmund Hoffenheim 2-0 Stuttgart Bayern 3-0 Köln Hertha BSC 1-1 Hannover Schalke 2-1 Augsburg KLeverkusen 2-1 Bremen
  12. 2. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    How unFortunate I'll leave now
  13. Formula One

    "He was leading the race Kimi" 😂