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  1. UEFA Champions League: Round Of 16 Draw

    That Barcelona side isn’t great, i give Chelsea a decent chance of progression. All the English clubs have a good shot, though I think Porto will be tough for Liverpool and Juventus likewise for Spurs.
  2. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    What's Klopp on about red card for Sigurrdson
  3. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    What the fuck was that poem from that shite Manc prick at the beginning of MOTD2.
  4. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    Oh it’s far more embarrassing for Manchester United given the expense lavished on their squad. My gripe with Everton wasn’t the defensive nature but the constant hoofing.
  5. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    funny if Everton win it now after such a display
  6. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    Absolutely embarrassing from that fat cunt in Everton’s dugout.
  7. Boxing

    Well done, better man on the night. Really poor from DeGale, just never got going at all and couldn't dominate any of it.
  8. Boxing

    Maybe not, Truax got this so far...
  9. Boxing

    DeGale taking some punishment here in the 5th, bit of a surprise but hopefully seen the worst of it and can take it as the fight gets older.
  10. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    2-3 now, unfortunate for the defender.
  11. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    Leicester been much the better side, Newcastle long ball merchants.
  12. Wow, we turned round a game for once. Nervy at the end but deserved to win.
  13. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    That’s not necessarily right. The balon d’or is always going to give preference to those in the limelight, the goal scorers and especially those who deliver on the biggest stage. European and International football tend to be be regarded as the barometer more than league showings, rightly or wrongly. I don’t think Ronaldo has been the best player over the past 12 months but it’s understandable why he was picked. He was phenomenal on the biggest stages this year.
  14. Ballon d'Or 2017 - Cristiano Ronaldo Wins

    His interview in the French magazine is one of the cringiest things he's ever done, and that takes some doing. He reminds me of Michael Jackson a little bit, a guy so self absorbed that's it's almost bordering on a personality disorder.
  15. Matchday Chat - 9-10th December, 2017

    This 'fab four' shite is revolting, hope Everton win.