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  1. Thanks for all the support homies.
  2. That's the subscriber group.
  3. Tbf I didn't really think about it but I could set it up for the year too if that's your preference.
  4. Appreciate it John. Just incase it's unclear, it's an automatic direct debit so once it's set up you won't need to touch it unless you're cancelling.
  5. Signatures are enabled for subscribers.
  6. Should be working automatically now. Thanks @nudge
  7. Thanks for the heads up. The payment is on the account and the forum has recognised that the payment is there but there's not been any sort of automatic acceptance. I've done it manually while I figure out why it's not working anymore.
  8. Pro tip: You can unrep me and give it to someone else. Rep management is key.
  9. 100% not gonna see this since it starts at 6am on a Sunday
  10. Welcome back. There have been a few changes to the forum to help limit the number of resources we're using to help keep the forum afloat. As standard everyone can still use the forum normally and post wherever they want, although I've changed a few things: There is now a 30 second flood control which includes things like the unread content tab (every refresh is a new query to the db) Signatures have been disabled The number of reputations you can give out is now 2 per day (this one seems dumb but the reputation table on the database is the 3rd biggest one which surprised me when I was looking at ways to cut back) Previously donators could upload images and videos to the server although this has been limited to just images under a new subscription scheme. All of these things will be available or be unlimited through a subscription (not mandatory but it will help with costs) that'll hopefully help balance the costs vs the resources battle we've had since we moved off our original server. ___ Discord will still exist alongside the forum since it seems to work better for live events like F1 although, for the most part, the Discord will be tidied up to accommodate the fact the forum has returned. I've also added a new payment option called Stripe which is an alternative to PayPal and lets you subscribe to the forum without creating any new accounts. The donation button has been removed as I'm hopeful that the £3.50 is low enough to get more people on board and help keep the forum funded on a monthly basis.
  11. Short version of the long story: The forum keeps using more resources than the server can give it. The hosting company keeps suspending this account, although this time they suspended all of the accounts I have instead of just the forum. Some of these accounts are personal to me and I can't afford for them to be going down too. Since we're currently getting a discount on the server, moving it to another account isn't possible so we're having to move to Discord. https://discord.gg/nvrhuBmpAT is the Discord server. Thanks for all the support, hopefully see you all on the Discord.
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