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  1. What ever happened to Diego Milito? 

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    2. football forum


      I wouldn't call him a one season wonder, he was pretty good through his career scoring many goals for small sides with the difficulty that entails. It's just that he only got to play for a decent team when he was already 29 and his second season was plagued by injuries. He then had another great season after that and another good in the subsequent season judging by numbers although he didn't play as much. He left Inter at 34, moved to Racing and retired last year.

    3. football forum


      He was never a one season wonder. Hit 20+ in Serie A three or four times and did a number for Zaragoza in Spain. I just checked he has over 250 goals in his career. Not a bad effort.

    4. football forum

      Carnivore Chris

      He was class for Real Zaragoza. Definitely not a one season wonder. All that goes against him is the lack of "big clubs" he played for, although he was certainly no one season wonder.

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