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  1. Who'd have won the Ballon d'Or if Messi and Ronaldo weren't alive? 

    My votes:

    2008 - Fernando Torres

    2009 - Xavi

    2010 - Wesley Sneijder

    2011 - Andres Iniesta

    2012 - Andres Iniesta

    2013 - Arjen Robben

    2014 - Luis Suarez

    2015 - Luis Suarez

    2016 - Griezmann

    2017 - Luca Modric


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    2. football forum

      Viva la FCB

      2013 I would have had Ribery win it.

    3. football forum

      Dr. Gonzo

      I'd go with Cicero's picks tbh. Maybe switch Ribery with Robben in 2013 because the Viva la FCB fan says so and he probably knows Bayern players better.

    4. football forum


      I'd also go with Cicero's selection although I would too have Ribery instead of Robben for 2013.

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