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  1. How much of an impact does Futsal at youth level effect a professional footballers technical ability? 

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      I'd say it inculcates an immense control in tight spaces and also teaches players movement around the player holding the ball so its not just improving your technical ability on the ball but off it as well.

    3. football forum


      Another of its biggest benefits is practicing to pass in tight spaces and anyone that has played proper futsal and not that five-a-side rubbish we have here is that they'll know about the training methods on not holding the ball for more than two touches.  Making triangles which is the tactics that are practiced time and tome again so as to move and make new triangles so as to have an avenue to create and advance.  Dribbling is mainly only used when there is no option to pass.  Close ball control (remember the ball is a lot smaller than a regular football) and understanding the movement of the sphere and the rival you have in front of you.

    4. football forum


      Can't see how it wouldn't be a benefit. It forces you into playing in tighter spaces.

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